Using supplement blocks could increase intake and digestion by 10%

Grazed foraging can increase intake and digestion by as much as 10 percent when supplementing pastures with a nutrient-rich block, accoording to Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco.

In multiple trials, Rumenco’s free access supplement blocks show an increase in forage intakes and digestion which has been proven to have significant impacts on livestock performance.

In a study of 156 head of store cattle on five different farms, livestock supplemented with Rumevite Cattle Booster had a 25kg liveweight gain advantage over the course of 105 days compared to the control group. Performance advantages carried through into the finishing period, with supplemented cattle maintaining the 25kg weight increase and therefore finishing 28 days ahead of the control group.

Rumenco’s Rumevite block can help optimise utilisation by stimulating rumen activity. Dr Bond explained: ““Supplying a balanced combination of nutrient-rich ingredients, the blocks stimulate the rumen to work harder by fuelling and increasing the rumen bug population. Supplementing forage in this way results in up to a 10 percent improvement in forage intake and digestion.”

Free access forage supplements allow for little and often feeding, which results in less pH variation in the rumen, and because stock can have 24/7 access to the blocks, it can help reduce bullying at the trough.

Dr Bond added that free access supplement blocks are ideal for this year’s late summer and autumn grazing due to the dry weather’s impact of forage growth and quality.

She said: “The extremely dry weather we’ve had at the beginning of the summer has really taken a toll on forage production. Supplementing with Rumevite will not only nourish rumen microbes to improve forage utilisation and digestibility, but its high energy and protein content will help meet livestock nutrient requirements,” concludes Dr Bond. “The Rumevite range also contains daily requirements of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to boost livestock performance while supporting immunity, health and fertility.”

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