ORIUS® P: essential T3 protection for long-lasting ear and leaf health

The twin azole composition of Orius® P has been specifically formulated to provide long-lasting protection to wheat crops from T3 onwards: containing 133 g/l tebuconazole and 267 g/l prochloraz, Orius® P provides outstanding protection to the flag leaf and ear against diseases including Microdochium and Fusarium, thereby ensuring yield and grain quality are safeguarded from T3 all the way through until harvest.

T3 spray applications are essential for protecting wheat ear health and for giving extended ‘top-up’ protection against diseases in the top two leaves of the maturing wheat plant. In high disease seasons the latter is especially important, as even the longest-lasting chemistries won’t be able to provide season-long protection. Growers therefore need to remain ahead of the disease cycle by ensuring crops receive adequate on-going protection as the wheat ear develops and matures.

Diseases such as Brown Rust, Yellow Rust and Septoria can have a serious impact on final crop yields if ears become infected. Wet conditions during flowering can result in significant Fusarium ear blight infections, impacting grain quality and increasing mycotoxin risk, whilst other diseases such as Sooty Moulds cause grain discolouration which can limit a crop’s suitability for milling or human consumption.

To effectively combat these varying disease pressures, growers are advised to use a mixture of azole chemistries to provide a broad-spectrum of control on the upper leaves and wheat ears.

Orius® P http://www.adama.com/uk/en/our-solutions/fungicides/orius-p.htmldelivers the necessary levels of protection by incorporating two azole ingredients which work together to provide effective control against the majority of T3 disease pressures. As well as controlling Microdochium and Fusarium, Orius® P also protects against Rusts and Septoria, making it a truly versatile T3 fungicide.

For more information on Orius® P please click here or call the Adama Technical Helpline on 01635 876622.

Septoria Management Hub – join free today!

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The Hub contains the latest Septoria related disease information and fungicide product updates as well as up-to-the-minute agronomic and disease management advice plus access to trials portals. It is a free service that may help you to tackle the UK’s #1 yield robber more effectively.

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