The strange case of the disappearing scientific advice

It appears that if European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had anything to do with it, we wouldn’t even know that his chief scientific adviser had lost her job. There’s been no indication of why Mr Juncker feels he can do without her. It seems we only know because Professor Anne Glover told a colleague.

Which leaves us to wonder; and wondering, for me, doesn’t give any answers I like. The anti-scientific forces that afflict our industry didn’t like Professor Glover’s advice and now they’ve got the field to themselves. That’s very worrying for anyone who believes that we need effective modern agriculture and that to achieve that, it’s absolutely vital that policy is based on sound science.

If you’re in any way unconvinced that farming is a business that’s dependent on science, the latest issue of Farm Business will give you plenty of evidence that it is.

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