That’s OK, don’t bother

There’s no need to vote in today’s European elections. If you work in agriculture, don’t worry, no decisions taken at European level will affect you in any way. And the largely urban areas which will have a much higher turnout because they’ve got local elections as well are populated by people who always give careful consideration to the needs of the rural economy before they put a cross on a ballot paper.

I can get a lot more sarcastic than that. You need to be represented in the European Parliament. It’s true that the real power lies in London, but much of the policy that affects you is made in Brussels and Strasbourg (perhaps unfortuntely MEPs aren’t quite powerful enough yet to get their way and end the farce of sessions held in the French city). You can’t always trust London’s idea of what the UK wants to be in your interest. You need that line of defence in the European parliament.

Don’t spoil the paper. I went to a general election count a few years ago and it is absolutely stunning how little anyone cares if they find a paper that says ‘”GET STUFFED THE LOT OF YOU!!!!!!” A council official on overtime won’t bother to read it and will just put it on the pile with all the others.

Get out and vote. For all our sakes.

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