Recognise farming as a business, Mr Juncker

I’ve long had my doubts about the massive non-governmental organisations that stride across our political landscape presenting themselves as the source of all that is right and good and the voice of the people. Too often they’re the voice of their very own, very rich, selves.

News that 27 of them have written to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker to complain about what he’s done about health policy reinforces the view I was already coming to – that he’s right. What Mr Juncker has done is take medical devices and pharmaceutical products off health officials and give them to the people whose job it is to oversee industry and the internal market.

Agriculture could do with a bit of this, at European and UK level (and every other level from the local council to the UN, thanks very much). It’s a business and the focus from the regulators’ point of view should be making it work as a business. We’ll see whether Mr Juncker can do it.

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