Plenty to worry about in a worrying world

If you’re of a nervous disposition (not how I picture the typical Farm Business reader if I’m honest) we’ve had a worrying summer. Ebola, a disease with terrifying symptoms, might come here from Africa. The Government’s raised the terror threat level. War threatens in the eastern end of Europe and in the Middle East.

I tend to be rather impatient with the sort of people who get all worried about what they’re told by the telly, on the basis that you’re a gazillion times more likely to be killed crossing the road, but one of the summer’s panic ‘something must be done’ issues does seem to be coming back to hit UK agriculture. I refer to Russia’s sanctions against countries which may have expressed the view that it should stop throwing its weight about. Long term there’s no doubt in my mind that the losers will be the Russians. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too messy, for Britain’s dairy sector or for the wider world.

Maybe you’re more bothered about our early autumn. The weather is reminding us that the cycle’s about to start again. The forecast is for a mini heatwave about the time the magazine is due to land on your doormat, but the nights are getting shorter and winter’s on its way. I can persuade myself to think positively about it, as long as it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Still, longer evenings means more time to read the magazine.

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