Of course we’re short of land

We lack land in this country, according to a group of experts, and we’re going to lack it even more in the future. Well, I have put the story on the cover and I do think it’s important and interesting, but my rude kid sarky side says “gettaway”. We’re short of land. We’re short of Ferraris an’all on account of how there don’t seem to be enough of them for me to have one.

Of course we’re short of land. Human life is all about achieving the most we can with the resources available. They, including land, are always limited. What the report does do is drive home how what we need and want to achieve exceeds the resources we have. We have to scale down our needs and wants, or we have to get a lot more efficient, or both. We are not going to be finding an extra seven million hectares of land. It’s just a reminder that we have to decide on priorities and make ever more efficient use of resources.

It’s not the only thing in this magazine that I find thought-provoking. Our marketing page has the latest move in the food retail revolution. This time it’s Danish chain Netto (which we thought had given up on Britain) teaming up with Sainsbury’s. We’ve a reminder of a past revolution with the 40th anniversary of McDonald’s arrival in the UK. Britain was a very different place 40 years ago. And despite what the old fool in the corner says, kids, it was largely a drab, boring dump. McDonald’s has played a big part in brightening it up and I’m grateful to it.

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