Now the Adjudicator’s work really begins

When you think how long this industry has been going on about the Groceries Adjudicator, the code the Adjudicator is supposed to adjudicate on and the woes the code is supposed to deal with, it’s a bit of a shock to think that the Adjudicator is only now getting ready to investigate Tesco over alleged breaches of the Code. We need to build confidence and trust in this industry and having the Adjudicator is supposed to help make that happen. Bring it on.

One thing that has afflicted the dairy industry over the years has been the advice from those who reckon they’re qualified to offer advice that we should avoid fat. Millions have been swayed by the idea that fat, not calories, causes obesity. Supermarkets are full of fattening food with proud low-fat labels. Yet, in the years since the low-fat advice started, the rate of obesity has gone through the roof. It hasn’t worked. Now, as we quote the Daily Mail saying on our papers page, scientists have called the whole thing into question.

As someone who’d be a fairly good bet for the Olympic overeating team if we had one and who, therefore, spends lots of his time trying to get weight off again, this is a subject close to my heart. It’s the calories folks, not fat, not carbs, not any single type of food. Dairy products, which are a highly nutritious and important type of food, have suffered in particular from this grotesque oversimplification. Health professionals need to take a long look at themselves and start handing out advice that’s not utter rubbish. It’s an issue that goes way beyond the food industry. We need information on health issues, not half-baked nannying.

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