Merry Christmas

I’ve got a worrying feeling that I write the same thing every year at this point. The Cereals event is hurtling towards us. Soon it will be the longest day, then harvest, kids’ll go back to school (not mine, they’re too old) and next thing you know it will be Christmas.

The second half of May must be the most joyous part of the year. It’d be better if I could get this finished and get outside, but a fellow has to work for a living. There are much worse things to be doing. I could be timeserving in some government office. At a time when the industry and the country is mired in political and financial uncertainty, it’s great to focus on the developing crop and listen to the skylarks.

The lastest Farm Business issue comes with a preview of Cereals 2016 which will give you a taste of what you’ll find if you go and an idea of what the rest of us will be looking at if you don’t. It’s a tale of innovation in the industry that’s well born out by the rest of the magazine. I’ve been looking at the latest innovation from oilseed rape breeders, making the crop work in a changed regulatory environment. On somewhat the same theme, Michael Wale reports on discussions between beekeepers and growers about how we ensure the health of vital pollinators.

The pig industry is also dealing with important and contentious issues, with a new plan to improve the stewardship of antibiotics. We’ve got an interesting report on the latest in sprayer technology, there’s expert commentary on the beef market, and some clear thinking from the TFA’s expert on farm rents.

It all reminds us, once again, that we’re in an industry that faces many challenges, but it’s one that does face up to those challenges again and again, and it goes on making a great job of it. We can be very proud of what this industry achieves, every day.

Chris Lyddon
Editor, Farm Business

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