ZA-TS fertiliser spreaders with new capacities and widths

Amazone has expanded its new ZA-TS series by additional models. Thanks to the modular design and now with hopper capacities of between 1,700 and 4,200 litres, there is a ZA-TS spreader in a suitable size for any farm or agri-cultural contractor now available.

As a principle, all ZA-TS are equipped with a 700 litre, deep pressed base hop-per without corners, edges and weld seams. This design enables a continuous and even flow of fertiliser and at the same time facilitates the easy emptying of any hopper residues and the cleaning of the spreader. The models are identi-fied by their hopper extension sizes and the frame strength.

In addition to the differing frame s – Super and Ultra – the modular programme includes six hopper extensions. For 1,700 and 2,000 litre spreaders, Amazone now offers narrow extensions with a filling width of 2.22 m. Wider extensions with a 2.71 m filling width are used for spreaders with all-up volumes of 2,200, 2,700, 3,200 and 4,200 litres.

The ZA-TS Super with its optimised centre of gravity, a payload of 3,200 kg and spreading widths of up to 36 m offers the combination of hopper extensions from 1,700 to 3,200 l. The stronger ZA-TS Ultra, with its payload of 4,500 kg, goes up to spreading widths of 54 m, however, it can be equipped with a choice of four hopper extensions ranging from 2,200 to 4,200 l.

All the models are equipped with the TS spreading system with its disc inte-grated Auto-TS boundary spreading system. With this boundary spreading system, which the driver can switch on and off during the spreading operation, the fertiliser is spread right up to the field’s border. This enables a degree of accuracy in its lateral distribution that has never been seen before. This results in significantly higher yields around the edges of the field, compared with exist-ing boundary spreading systems.

In addition, all ZA-TS spreaders feature ISOBUS control technology. Thanks to ISOBUS they can be operated both with the Amatron 3, CCI 100 and Amapad terminals or any other ISOBUS terminal. In future, the spreaders can also be ordered if desired with or without a weighing system. In addition, the weigh-cell spreaders can be equipped with a tilt sensor.

All models are available in either Tronic or Hydro versions. Whilst Tronic means mechanical drive to the spreading discs with an eight section part-width section control via spread rate adaptation, the hydraulically-driven spreading discs on the Hydro version enable an eight section part-width section control via both quantity and speed reduction of the spreading discs. Both versions are also able to be equipped with GPS-Switch, the automated part-width sec-tion control.

Amazone offers the roll-up cover on the spreaders in either manual actuation or the remote opening via hydraulic rams. In addition, and as an alternative to the integrated swivel rolling and parking device, there is also a simple parking stand now available.

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