Trelleborg’s latest campaign emphasises the light touch on the ground of its agricultural tyres

Trelleborg is set to launch a new exciting campaign, ‘Trelleborg. Five hundred kilograms of lightness.’ at the widely anticipated “Tractor of the Year 2015: Let the challenge begin”, on May 6. Reaffirming Trelleborg’s commitment to help secure a sustainable future for farming and in-line with its tradition of creating innovative campaigns, the new campaign aims to visually represent the juxtaposition of both the lightness and sheer power of the high performance, 500 kilogram, TM1000 High Power tyre in terms of its performance.

Despite being one of the largest, widest and strongest tyres available on the market, Trelleborg’s TM1000 High Power tyre ensures the lightest touch on the ground, thanks to its wide footprint. It provides farmers with unbeatable productivity while preserving soil health, thus ensuring higher crop yields. In addition, it’s reduced rolling resistance results in low fuel consumption and emissions, helping farming professionals to produce more in a sustainable way.

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director of Agricultural and Forestry Tyres at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Research suggests that by 2050, the world’s population will increase by as much as 30 percent. However, it is clear that the supply of natural resources simply can’t keep up. As such, agriculture has a fundamental role to play in meeting future environmental challenges.

“From Research and Development through to manufacturing, Trelleborg allocates considerable resources to guarantee the performance, reliability and safety of its products and solutions, always with total respect of the environment to help shape the future of agriculture.

“It is this commitment that lead to the development of our innovative TM1000 High Power tyre, which, utilizing our BlueTyreTM technology tread, significantly enlarges tread width and ensures an extra wide footprint at low pressure and an unbeatable floatation performance. This results in optimum pressure distribution on the ground to boost crop yield, while preserving soil from compaction and erosion.

“Trelleborg. Five hundred kilograms of lightness.’ further showcases that Trelleborg has long led the way when it comes to developing innovations to boost the efficiency and productivity of today and tomorrow’s farming, while increasing the environmental performance of the tractor.”

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