Ten new 75hp to 140hp tractors

Claas has completely replaced its Elios and Arion 400 series tractors. The new Elios and Arion 400 have been redesigned from the ground up and a particular feature of the new Arion 400 is the striking Panoramic ca, which sets a new standard for cab visibility. The smaller Elios range extends to four models with power outputs from 75hp to 103hp, while the six models in the new Arion 400 series range in power from 90hp to 140hp and is the first tractor of this size to meet Tier 4 emissions standards.

Expanded versatile Elios range

Originally introduced in 2009, in the UK the Elios has proved the ideal tractor for those needing a compact, lightweight but powerful tractor for jobs as diverse as working in poly tunnels on fruit farms, as a general yard tractor on livestock farms or for grounds maintenance at sports clubs.

A new generation of Elios tractors has now been introduced, but whereas the original range had just three models with power outputs from 75 to 88hp, the new Elios has been expanded to four models, which still start at 75hp but now includes versions with maximum power outputs of 92hp and 103hp.

The design of the new Elios gives it a low overall height to the top of the cab of just 2.37 metres on 380/85R tyres. However, thanks to the new design for the chassis which has a low centre of gravity, the front overhang is now some 24cm shorter, which means that whilst the wheelbase is 2.16m, even with a folded front-linkage, the overall length is just 3.82m, making the Elios ideal for use where access is restricted.

FPT engines
The new Elios is powered by a 4-cylinder, 3.4 litre FPT turbocharged and intercooled high torque engine. This has a wide constant power range from 1800-2300rpm and is fitted with a visco-fan and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with automatic regeneration to meet TIER 4i emissions regulations. The top-of-the-range Elios 240 also features CPM (Claas Power Management), giving the 92hp engine an additional 11hp boost in power to 103hp under certain conditions. CPM is activated when the tractor goes above 13 km/h in gears 2, 3 or 4 in range III or if the PTO speed starts to drop.

A new feature on the Elios is an engine speed memory, which allows the speed to be adjusted precisely at the push of a button, which will be particularly useful for PTO work, and a second engine speed memory is also available as an option.

To meet the wide range of uses tractors of the size are used for, four different transmissions are available for the new Elios. Four-wheel drive models are all fitted with a 24/24 transmission with the option of a mechanical splitter and reverser, Twinshift powershift and mechanical reverser or Twinshift powershift with Revershift clutchless reverser, all of which have a minimum forward speed of just 500 metres/hour. All 2-wheel drive models come with a 12/12 transmission with a mechanical reverser.

The new Elios is available with a choice of two hydraulic systems. For general work, there is the option of a 59 litre/minute (l/m) pump that serves both the rear linkage and the spool valves. For more demanding work, for instance where the Elios will be fitted with a front loader, a two pump system is available, with a 59l/m pump that serves the spool valves and a second 26l/m pump to serve the rear linkage.

Depending on requirement, two or three mechanical spool valves can be fitted, one of which has flow rate adjustment. Alternatively four electronic spool valves are available, each with flow rate adjustment. All spool valves are also colour coded for easy connection.

Again depending on requirement, the Elios can also be specified with a mechanical or electronically controlled rear linkage. The standard linkage has a lift capacity of 2.6 tonnes, but this can be increased to 3.2 tonnes with an optional additional lift ram. A fully integrated optional 2.8 tonne front linkage is also available.

The cab on the new Elios has been completely redesigned and the full width frame incorporates a new glass room to enhance the feeling of space and to provide good visibility over a raised front loader. The cab specification includes the choice of a mechanically or air-suspended seat, air conditioning with the option of carbon filtration for spraying and an adjustable steering wheel.

The controls are all grouped on the right hand side of the seat. Where a front loader is fitted, this can be controlled either hydraulically using a FLEXPILOT joystick or electronically with the Electopilot, both of which are factory fitted.

New flexible Arion 400

Recent years have seen Claas completely renew its medium to high horsepower tractor ranges, with the launch of the Arion 600/500, Axion 800, Axion 900 and Xerion ranges.

Claas has now turned its attention to tractors below 140hp, and as part of this has completely redeveloped the Arion 400 tractor range.

The new Arion 400 has been totally revised and in recognition of the broad range of tasks that tractors of this size are used for, instead of the three models previously, the Arion 400 range has now been expanded to six models. For each of these models a number of specification, including CIS versions, and cab options are available, including a new unique and striking Panoramic cab, which sets a completely new standard for cab visibility.

The new Panoramic cab features a one piece windscreen, that is joined to the 2.41m2 roof pane without a crossbeam. This gives the operator an unrestricted 90 degree field of vision over a front loader and gives the cab a large feeling of space that is unprecedented.

The new design for the Arion 400 maintains the even weight distribution that is a common feature on Claas tractors. The Arion 400 also features a ‘wasp waist’ design to the bonnet, which allows a tight turning lock for maximum manoeuvrability and also provides plenty of space above the front axle for the radiator assembly.

The Arion is built around a solid cast frame with integral oil sump. Where the Arion is to be used with a front loader, the brackets can therefore be bolted directly on to the engine frame and transmission, and a front linkage can be fitted to the front chassis, ensuring maximum stability and ease access for servicing.

Proactiv front axle suspension is also available as an option for models over 90hp. This has a steering lock of 55 degrees and when activated provides independent suspension with automatic height control.

FPT power
The new Arion 400 range, which vary from 90hp up to 140hp, is powered by a powerful and fuel-efficient 4-cylinder, 4.5 litre FPT turbocharged and charge-air cooled engine. To uses the combination of SCR technology and a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC/Oxicat) to meet TIER 4 emissions regulations, and all the components are housed under the bonnet so they don’t restrict driver visibility.

The engines have no boost, so provide full power is always available at all times, and are governed using a Claas engine management system designed to provide optimised engine performance curves.

Drive to the axles is through the well-proven 16 forward/16 reverse speed Quadrishift transmission. The four powershifts and four ranges can either be changed manually without needing to use the clutch or, alternatively on CIS models, there is also the option for Quadractive in which gear and range changes are all made fully automatically.

Multifunction control lever
The Quadrishift transmission and other main operating functions are controlled using a new multifunction control lever. This is designed so that all the gearbox functions can be controlled using a thumb-operated rocker switch.

Depending on specification, the new multifunction control also incorporates controls for the headland and linkage controls, can be used to operate Electopilot proportional electronic spool valves, or a front loader in either FLEXPILOT or Electopilot modes.

Hydraulic control options
The range of hydraulic options available for the new Arion 400 again reflects the varied uses that these tractors will be used for, with three different hydraulic circuits available for each model in the range.

For general work, a 60 litres/minute (l/m) open circuit hydraulic system is available. Where a higher flow rate is required for more demanding work, a 98l/m open centre hydraulic system can be specified which combines two pumps, one with a flow rate of 57l/m for the control systems and a second of 41l/m for the rear linkage, which can be merged if required. Finally a 110l/m load-sensing hydraulic circuit is also available with optional Power Beyond, which is a first for this size of tractor.

Up to three mechanical or four electronic spool valves can be fitted to the Arion 400. Two additional spool valves can be fitted to the front of the tractor for a front loader, operated by Flexipilot or Electopilot. The spool valves are all clearly colour coded and an oil spillage container is also fitted to the tractor.

Two PTO options are available on the Arion 400 – 540/540 ECO or 540/540 ECO/1000. Speeds are selected using buttons on the ‘B’ pillar. There is an automatic PTO function that will turn the PTO on and off according to the height of the rear linkage, which has a maximum lift capacity at the ball ends of 4.5 tonnes on the smaller Arion 410/420, rising to 5.75 tonnes on the Arion 430-460.

For the front of the tractor, a fully integrated 2.8 tonne capacity Claas designed front-linkage is available that requires no side reinforcement. A factory fitted front 1000rpm PTO is also available, as are connections for 3- and 7-pin sockets, plus one hydraulic spool and one free-flow return line.

In addition to the new Panoramic cab, the Arion 400 is also available with a conventional cab built on a 6-pillar design. The Arion 410/420 is also available with a low profile roof with or without a transparent sunroof.

This low profile roof has an overall height to the top of the cab of about 2.5m on 34 inch tyres. This is one of the lowest on the market for this size of tractor, making it ideal for situations where height is restricted.

Five different Grammer or Sears seats are available and a passenger seat is also fitted, under which is a cool-box linked to the air-conditioning system.

As on larger Axion models, the length and angle of the steering column, which also incorporates the instrument panel, is fully adjustable and can be swung up to make access easier. All the main operating controls are conveniently grouped to the right of the driver’s seat, with the secondary controls located on the ‘B’ pillar.

Where CIS is fitted to the tractor, this enables additional monitoring and setting functions, such as hydraulic and transmission settings, event counters and the on-board computer to be accessed using a rotary/push switch and an ESC button, with the information displayed on the ‘A’ pillar.

The Arion 400 can also be used with the full range of Claas Easy electronics systems, including Telematics. Claas GPS Pilot, S7, S10 and other control terminals can all be easily mounted on a frame above the control console, and the tractor is fitted with cab and rear Isobus connections

In addition to the plentiful storage space within the cab, there is also space for a storage drawer under the right-hand side steps, and the lower link balls are safely stored beside the rear mudguard.

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