Tanker display reflects differing specification options

The Hi-Spec stand at this year’s Grassland UK will have on display representative machines from the Hi-Spec product range. Included will be two tankers that reflect the wide-range of options available on Hi-Spec tankers to meet differing user requirements, from simple farm machines through to technically advanced models for contractors and AD plant users.

Hi-Spec tankers

The two Hi-Spec 2600 SA-R (Single Axle – Recessed) tankers have been specified to reflect the wide range of options that are available on the Hi-Spec tanker range, which range in capacity from 800 litres up to 5,000 litres.

Capacities on the 6-model SA-R models are from 1,350 gallons up to 3,000 gallons and as standard feature a stepped axle to reduce height. The axle is fitted with commercial brakes and both show models are on 800/65-R32 Alliance 181 A8 tyres. All models are built from 6mm thick British steel, are fitted with a Jurop vacuum pump and incorporate internal implosion rings.

The first of the models on display is specified with a simple sight tube and has a 6in Autofill system, operated using just a single double-acting spool valve. It is fitted with a Agquip 7.0m wide dribble bar, mounted on a quick release A-frame. This uses a Vogelsang Exactacut macerator, which incorporates a stone trap as standard.

The second higher specification tanker on display is fitted with air/hydraulic brakes and in addition to a sight tube, it also features porthole style sight glasses at the rear of the tanker. For filling, in addition to the 6in Autofill system, the tanker also incorporates a sliding top hatch fill system with ladder and Bauer fill points, and internally there is also a sand agitator. For greater visibility on the road, the tanker also has four sets of twin ‘Hamburger’ type LED lights fitted on the rear.

Other options available on the Hi-Spec range include a Turbofill high capacity filling system, anti-lock braking, a wide range of dribble bar, trailing shoe or disc injector applicators and GPS and application monitoring systems. Hi-Spec tankers are also available in a demount version, that allows the chassis to be used out of season with other bodies, such as the Hi-Spec Kompactor Push-Off trailer.

Kompactor K36 Push-Off trailer

The K36 Kompactor on display is one of four models of push-out trailer available from Hi-Spec.

The Kompactor features a hydraulically operated headboard powered by a triple hydraulic ram system, that can be used to compact material such as woodchip and grass or maize silage, so increasing the load carried by up to 40%.The headboard can also completely empty the trailer in as little as 30 seconds. Because the load is pushed off and so avoids the need to tip the trailer body, the Kompactor is ideal for use in areas where conventional tipping trailers cannot access.

By using a push-off mechanism and due to its low centre of gravity, all the inherent risks posed by using a tipping trailer avoided, such as striking overhead power lines or trailer instability when tipping on soft and uneven ground.

V12 Vertical Auger feeder

The Hi-Spec Vertical Auger range of feeders is available in both single and twin auger variants with sizes from 7m3up to 32m3. The Vertical Auger range uses a low pitch mixing and chopping auger that creates a simple cycle action and is fitted with eight self-sharpening knives. A specific feature is its ability to quickly and efficiently incorporate complete bales into the mix, due to the unique knife arrangement, which also allows the Vertical Auger mixer to be used with lower horsepower tractors.

The V12 model on display features a bale ring, two side feed-out doors, a teaser feed-out system and a 36in feed-out conveyor.

Manure spreaders

Completing the static display is a 10 cubic yard Hi-Spec SS1000 side spreader. As with the tankers, Hi-Spec manure spreaders are built using heavy-duty 5mm thick British steel and feature a 3mm lid.

Standard specification includes a ring hitch, hydraulic braking and LED road lights, while the SS1000 on display also incorporates centralised greasing.

XCEL 1250 spreader

Also on display in the manure demonstration area will be the Hi-Spec XCEL 1250 rear discharge spreader. Unlike other rear discharge spreaders, the XCEL 1250 is unique in that it uses a rotary chain and flail system to achieve a good break up of material, which is then spread using a pair of spinning discs.

The Xcel 1250 has the capacity to achieve an even spread pattern up to 24 metres. It has a capacity of 12 tonnes, typical discharge time is 3-5 minutes and it is able to spread all types of material such as farmyard manure, sludge cake, muck lime, wood mulch and chicken compost.



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