New McCormick X7.650 Pro Drive delivers six-cylinder power and refinement

A new six-cylinder tractor has been launched at the Royal Highland Show to join the McCormick X7 Pro Drive series and bring a longer wheelbase, tough cast chassis and smooth-running engine further down the power scale.

The new McCormick X7.650 Pro Drive joins a range that goes from rated speed outputs of 135hp to 188hp and maxes out at 212hp with Power Plus boost on the top model. The newcomer slots in with 152hp from its 6.7-litre engine at rated speed, climbing to a peak output of 160hp for all operations.

The new model is available to order now with the new Efficient specification introduced for the four-cylinder and smallest six-cylinder models in the current range and also in a Premium version with enhanced features and a wider choice of performance-orientated options.

“We already have a four-cylinder tractor – the X7.450 Pro Drive – with the same peak power and torque outputs as the new model,” notes Paul Wade, product specialist at AgriArgo UK, the McCormick distributor for Great Britain. “But many operators like the characteristics of a six-cylinder tractor, including the added stability for operating heavy mounted implements that comes with an extra 410kg in weight and 150mm longer wheelbase.”

When equipped to the new Efficient specification, the new model will also appeal to operators of MTX and XTX tractors of similar size and power, especially as it represents less of a jump in technology and price than the Premium version.

“The MTX150 was always one of our best-selling tractors, so I’m sure operators thinking of making a change will take a close look at the Efficient X7.650 Pro Drive,” says Paul Wade. “It will also be a candidate for operators with the popular MC135 Power6 wanting a more powerful tractor for increased productivity with modern features but limited high-tech electronics.”

The newcomer’s BetaPower engine, built to McCormick specification by FPT Industrial with a highly fuel-efficient SCR emissions control package, develops 152hp at 2200rpm rated speed.

But the power curve rises from that point as revs are pulled down under increasing load to a peak of 160hp at 1900rpm, while maximum torque of 676Nm is reached at just 1500rpm.

Operators can exploit these characteristics by shifting up to load the engine for maximum power, knowing that increasing reserves of torque are available to pull the tractor through tough areas of soil when ploughing or cultivating, or to climb an incline with trailed or pto-driven equipment.

Both versions of the new tractor have four-speed power take-off providing ‘power’ and ‘economy’ gearing to suit different applications, plus the opportunity to fit a 1000rpm pto drive with the optional 3500kg front hitch.

The Efficient model is equipped with the 24×24 Pro Drive transmission, which has a justifiable reputation for its smooth operating, response-adjustable power shuttle and push-button four-speed powershift and range shifting. A creep gearbox option – which is standard on the Premium version – adds slower speeds for specialist drilling and other applications.

Load-sensing variable output hydraulics are standard on both versions, delivering up to 123-litres/min from a piston pump, and 44-litres/min from a unit dedicated to steering and ancillaries such as the four-wheel drive and pto clutches.

Controls for the transmission, pto and 6300kg electronic rear three-point hitch of the Efficient version are laid out on a new side console, along with levers for the three mechanical spool valves. These can be supplemented by an electro-hydraulic valve operated from the multi-function controller and two mid-valves for light-touch joystick operation of a McCormick MClassic or MPower loader.

The Premium version’s console is mounted on a higher-specification air seat to bring all essential controls – and added features such as headland management – to the operator’s fingertips. Proportional electronic spool valve paddle switches provide the ultimate in low-effort operation and the convenience of in cab flow adjustment plus timer.

Premium spec also includes the multi-function MySwitch and automatic (as opposed to manual) air conditioning in the cab, where a 12in Data Screen Manager colour touch-control terminal with optional ISOBUS functionality can be added. Also available are a Topcon GPS steering system with dedicated monitor and EazySteer high-ratio steering for quick turns involving less effort at the wheel.

Prices start at £80,971 for the X7.650 Pro Drive Efficient and £85,254 for the Premium version.

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