New at Amazone: hydraulic top link system for AD sowing combinations

In order to utilise the soil tillage implement as a solo machine, Amazone now offers a swivel top link as an option for its AD pack top seed drill combinations. With the aid of a specific lever construction, the top link is rotated between the soil tillage implement and the seed drill in such a way that when the piston rod is extended, the seed drill is tilted forward. At this point the coulters and follow-ing harrow are lifted by a minimum of 100 mm and the tines of the soil tillage implement are lowered deeper into the soil by approximately 30 cm.

In this position the machine can then be utilised for pre-working areas of fields without a problem. Additional benefits are also the chance to more accurately pre-work field corners and a higher ground clearance when turning on the headland.

When the piston rod of the hydraulic ram is retracted, the seed drill is lowered into its usual operational position. Compared with systems from other manu-facturers, this offers the advantage that during sowing the piston rod is pro-tected and cannot get dirty. In addition, the desired working depth of the sow-ing coulters – and the harrow – is safely maintained, even in cases where there is a slight leakage in the hydraulic system of the tractor.

Amazone offers the hydraulically adjustable top link for all AD sowing combi-nations which are equipped with a 580 wedge ring roller or a 600 tooth packer roller.

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