Multi-purpose remote control mini tractor from Spaldings handles winching and flail mowing

A remote controlled mini tracked tractor with a built-in logging winch that can be replaced by a flail mower for vegetation control has been introduced by Spaldings following the company’s appointment as national dealer in the UK and Ireland for Pfanzelt forestry and estate management machinery.

The Pfanzelt Moritz Fr50 rubber tracked vehicle is designed for easy mobility and for working in locations that are difficult to access, are too delicate for full-size machines or where there are dangers for an on-board operator.

The vehicle weighs 1400kg, is 2.2m long and stands just 1.2m tall. It is powered by a 35hp diesel engine and has hydrostatic drive.

“In standard form, the Moritz carries a two-speed cable winch with a heavy-duty logging plate,” points out Paul Denton. “But the winch can be replaced by a 1.2m flail mower on the Cat I linkage to extend the machine’s workload.”

The relatively low weight and 1.1m overall width means the Moritz Fr50 can be transported by trailer behind a 4×4, pick-up or van to work sites such as steep woodland or grass embankments where the track spacing can be widened hydraulically by up to 400mm for maximum stability.

“We envisage a contractor using the Moritz for woodland and embankment vegetation control or to provide tension for controlled direction felling where trees have to be cut down in a confined location,” says Paul Denton.

“Skidding felled trees from woodland and dealing with light brash and vegetation are also within its scope, and Pfanzelt is planning a stump grinder attachment.”

Remote control of all functions means these tasks can be carried out with maximum safety for the operator, who also has the convenience of a large storage compartment withn the chassis for all the tools and equipment needed for each job.

The Moritz Fr50 base vehicle is priced £44,500.


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