Mist sprayers boost disinfection routine

A range of mounted and trailed mist sprayers that can significantly improve the speed and effectiveness of poultry shed disinfection routines is now available in the UK from Kuhn Farm Machinery.

Originally designed for arboriculture and viniculture applications – where a 360-degree spread of mist is needed to apply pesticides to orchards, vines and soft fruit – Kuhn’s range of GEO and GEO M mist sprayers are also perfectly suited to disinfecting broiler sheds.

The GEO and GEO M range includes mounted machines equipped with tanks of 300, 400 or 600 litres, and trailed models with a tank capacity of 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000. Turbine diameters range from 300, 400 or 600mm on mounted models and 750, 850 or 900mm on trailed models.

All machines in the range use Kuhn’s proven crop sprayer technologies and are fitted as standard with fresh-water rinsing and hand-wash tanks to comply with all applicable safety standards.

Kuhn’s mist sprayers are compact in design and as such are perfectly suited to use within broiler houses where they can be used to provide an efficient, effective and reliable method of disinfecting the building’s internal structure.

The spraying function on the more basic GEO M machines is controlled by a group of manually operated valves mounted on a single manifold. This manifold can be replaced by an electronic, in-cab controller (standard on the GEO range) for increased operator comfort and enhanced spraying precision.

All machines in the GEO and GEO M ranges are constructed using polyethylene tanks and a galvanised steel frame for greater resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. They are equipped with simple, yet strong, piston-diaphragm pumps with a flow rate of 51, 71 or 89 litres per minute and which work at operating pressures from 0 to 40 bar.

The mist sprayers are available with air guiding vanes to ensure an even mist pattern, and with single or double vane mounted outlet jets to increase air flow and spray coverage by up to 20%.

“Kuhn’s range of mist sprayers offer a fast, safe and effective alternative to more labour intensive forms of disinfecting broiler sheds,” explains Duncan McLeish, UK Sales Manager for Kuhn Farm Machinery.

“Hand held lance sprayers can be very time consuming and labour intensive, and can often give hit-and-miss results. What might take two or three people a whole day to do with knapsacks can easily be accomplished within a few hours with a suitable tank mister. This makes the use of a tractor-powered sprayer perfectly suited to sites with multiple sheds or where the availability of reliable labour is at a premium.

“Misters are not only more efficient,” Mr McLeish adds, “but also offer more consistent results. Their 360-degree spray pattern ensures all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected, thereby reducing the risk of disease and infection being spread by cross-contamination from one batch of birds to the next.”

Kuhn’s GEO and GEO M mist sprayers are compatible with low horsepower tractors: the smallest 550mm turbine-equipped machines can be used with 15hp tractors while the largest 900mm turbine machines require just 50hp.

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