Landini ‘Landpower’ becomes 6L Series with more efficient four-cylinder engines

The biggest ‘mechanical’ tractor in the Landini range has been given a new identity and a new more fuel- and power-efficient engine.

Now identified as the Landini 6L Series, the new 6-145L, 6-160L and 6-175L are built around an Argo Tractors transmission renowned for its bullet-proof robustness and reliability but partnered by latest-spec four-cylinder engines.

Despite the engine change there is no reduction in wheelbase, so the newcomers have the same ability to operate heavy implements with strong levels of traction and stability.

The line-up starts with the Landini 6-145L, which has rated-speed output of 131hp rising to 143hp as the engine’s full performance potential is exploited under heavy load.

Next, the 6-160L has rated power of 150hp at 2200rpm before the modern engine’s ‘power bulge’ takes peak output to 163hp. Higher torque output enables the engine to ‘hang on’ longer in heavy draft situations.

The Landini 6-175L takes the new range to 170hp at rated speed, then 176hp maximum under full load, with torque output climbing to 700Nm at 1500rpm.

“The change over from a 6.7-litre six-cylinder engine reflects an industry-wide move to four-cylinder engines with higher specific power outputs,” notes Ray Spinks, sales director and general manager at Landini distributor AgriArgo UK.

“While many of our Landpower users will be disappointed to see the six-cylinder engine go, the 4.5-litre FPT four-cylinder engine is a more cost-effective solution in the ongoing drive to reduce emissions while still delivering plenty of power and torque.”

Engine specification for the new 6L models is similar to that used for the more sophisticated Landini 6 Series tractors, with a proven SCR system cleaning up the exhaust gases. Electronically managed common rail fuel injection provides precise high-pressure fuelling for optimum combustion efficiency and the engines are tuned to deliver favourable torque characteristics for draft work.

But in contrast to the higher-spec range with its semi-powershift transmission, electronic spool valves, cab and axle suspension options, and pressure/flow compensating hydraulic pump, the Landini 6L Series continues the successful Landpower formula for operators who prefer to keep things relatively simple.

Base specification includes an all-manual 18×18 speed transmission, synchro shuttle, gear pump hydraulics and mechanical spool valves.

Equipment levels can then be built up with added features to suit different applications and preferences. The transmission, for example, can be upgraded to a 54×18 configuration with electric power shuttle and three-speed powershift, and a creep gearbox is available.

Land-drive pto is standard in addition to engine-driven 540rpm and 1000rpm speeds, and so is the electronic linkage control. But the spool valves are all mechanical – three are installed as standard, with two of them operated by a four-way joystick on the side console, and another two can be added.

With total oil flow of 125-litres/min from a two-pump installation – 38-litre/min dedicated to steering, 87-litre/min for lift linkage and the remote valves – the open centre hydraulics system is more than a match for most implement requirements. And a 3.5 tonne front linkage is available to complement the generous 7 tonne rear linkage.

The spacious four-post Master Class cab completes the package with a large glass area for good all-round visibility, air conditioning and an air suspension driver’s seat.

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