Huge array of KUHN kit at UK Dairy Day

KUHN Farm Machinery will be displaying a wide range of grassland and livestock equipment at this year’s UK Dairy Day in Telford on 13th September, with everything from fertiliser spreaders, mower conditioners, rakes and balers to mixer wagons and sprayers on show.

The following KUHN machines, amongst others, will be on display:

PRIMOR 15070 M – large capacity trailed feeder and straw blower

The dual-purpose PRIMOR 15070 M feeder and straw blower is large enough to take up to four 1.30 x 1.20 x 2.70 metre rectangular bales or three round bales up to 2 metres in diameter. It can be configured according to the layout of farm buildings, with a side or multidirectional distribution chute (GL or GP model variant) enabling straw to be blown to the left or right.

Two powerful intake rotors feed the turbine with a beam of six hydraulic tines above the feed rotors enabling intake settings to be adjusted and regulated according to the type of product being used. The turbine itself can blow up to 18 metres to the right and is fitted with eight bolt-on blades for pneumatic fodder separation.

The PRIMOR 15070 M has the option of KUHN’s hydraulic unroll system to clamp subsequent round bales in place and stop them from rotating while the first bale is being fed through. It is also equipped with an hydraulic tailgate with a 1.2 tonne lifting capacity for self-loading round bales. The floor of the body is fitted with a 14mm diameter chain conveyor with an optional boost floor available to provide extra feed conveyor torque for the distribution of heavier products such as grass silage.

In common with existing machines in the PRIMOR range, the 15070 M uses KUHN’s disengageable belt driven POLYDRIVE clutch system to drive two feed rotors which are equipped with 34 cutting sections for ultimate control over cutting length and intensity: all PRIMOR machines are capable of feeding all types of feedstuffs including straw, silage and haylage.

FC 3125 DF-FF – front mounted mower conditioner

KUHN’s front-mounted disc mower conditioner – the FC 3125 DF-FF – has a 3.10m working width and features improved ground following capabilities and variable conditioning speeds, making it ideal for use as part of a high power, high output, triple-gang setup.

The FC 3125 DF-FF uses a re-designed twin-linkage headstock and shark fin inspired-design which houses an innovative suspension set-up enabling the mower to oscillate at angles of up to 30 degrees. This improved ground contouring capability prevents crop contamination and preserves the quality of the remaining grass sward.

The mower’s suspension is controlled by KUHN’s LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic ground pressure system, which minimises crop damage and reduces wear and tear of the cutter bar through precise and constant ground pressure adjustment. Two large pivoting connecting rods provide additional structural strength and stability.

The conditioning unit is fitted with KUHN’s pivoting steel fingers which adapt easily to different types of forage. Conditioning intensity is controlled by a single gear lever which selects one of two speeds: 1000 min-1 for most forage grasses or 755 min-1 for more delicate crops.

The FC 3125 DF-FF uses KUHN’s reliable OPTIDISC cutter bar and PROTECTADRIVE safety system and is fitted with FAST-FIT knives.

When used in combination with a rear mounted twin mower conditioner – either the FC 8830 D or FC 9530 D – a total working width of 8.73 to 9.53 metres is possible.

GA 6501 P – mounted twin rotor grass rake

KUHN’s fully-mounted twin rotor grass rake is a high output, central delivery Gyrorake with a variable working width of 5.65 to 6.40 metres. The width of the central windrow can be adjusted between 1.25 and 2.00 metres and is formed by two 2.65m diameter rotors, each equipped with 10 tines arms and three tines per arm.

The new machine sits alongside KUHN’s existing range of semi-mounted Gyrorakes (available in working widths from 5.50 to 14.70 metres) but is the first KUHN twin-rotor rake to be made available in a fully mounted format.

The GA 6501 P uses KUHN’s double curved tine arms which have been designed to produce an airy, well-structured, regular and arrow-straight windrow, even when operating at high forward speeds. The raking height of the rotors can be adjusted by operating a single crank mechanism.

Each rotor is mounted on four pivoting, large diameter wheels for excellent ground contouring, with the new machine also using KUHN’s 3D rotor articulation system to provide additional stability and close ground following even on the roughest terrain.

The GA 6501 P has excellent manoeuvrability in tight field corners, whilst the integrated rotor lift hydraulics allow high ground clearance at field headlands and enable the fully mounted machine to be folded into its 2.5m wide transport position without the need to leave the tractor cab.

The GA 6501 P operates at a PTO speed of 540 rpm and can be used on tractors with a minimum PTO power of 40 hp. It requires one double acting hydraulic connection to operate the lift cylinders and is fitted as standard with road lights and turning indicators. 

AXIS 40.2 H EMC – twin disc fertiliser spreader

The Axis 10.2 series of fertiliser spreaders sees several improvements being made to KUHN’s popular range of twin-disc mounted spreaders. Key improvements include increased hopper capacities and a redesigned chassis which offers up-rated payload capabilities. A new LED rear lighting system is also included.

The AXIS 40.2 H EMC boasts a 12 to 42 metre working width (up to 36m for granulated urea) and a hopper capacity of 3,200 litres. Wear resistant VXR+ coated spreading pallets are fitted as standard and use KUHN’s CDA (Coaxial Distribution Adjustment) system for accurate spreading at high speeds.

The Axis 10.2 series also uses KUHN’s EMC (Electronic Mass Control) technology to measure fertiliser flow and all machines in the range are equipped with KUHN’s Varispread (VS) variable working width technology as standard.

i-BIO+ baler/wrapper combination

The i-BIO+ features KUHN’s film-on-film wrapping system which offers reduced wrapping costs and easier plastic recycling. This unique binding system uses two film reels to bind the cylindrical side of the bale and offers several advantages compared to other systems, not least the ability to use standard sized rolls (25 µm, 1500 m, 750 mm) therefore eliminating the need to order separate binding and wrapping film.

The KUHN system also boasts quicker and easier roll loading thanks to a user-friendly system which hydraulically folds the film reels into their loading/unloading position

Bale wrapping is taken care of by KUHN’s IntelliWrap system which gives complete control of the wrapping process, allowing the operator to select the number of film layers and to adjust film overlap. The i-BIO+’s high-speed wrapping ring allows film to be applied at up to 50 revolutions per minute and produces well-shaped, tightly sealed bales for improved crop preservation.



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