Huge array of KUHN kit at Royal Welsh Show

KUHN Farm Machinery will be displaying a wide range of grassland and livestock equipment at this year’s Royal Welsh Show, Builth Wells, from 24th to 27th July, with everything from fertiliser spreaders, mower conditioners, rakes and balers to mixer wagons, ploughs and sprayers on display.

The following KUHN machines, amongst others, will be on display: 

DELTIS 2 – mounted sprayer

The DELTIS 2 sprayer has been designed for mixed farming enterprises and small-scale arable operations where ease of use, safety and reliability are key. The new machine features several upgrades including a lightweight chassis which makes the DELTIS 2 one of the lightest mounted sprayers on the market.

The DELTIS 2 is fitted with a 1,300 litre tank and is available with steel (MTS2) or aluminium (MTA2, MTA3, MEA2, MEA3) booms in widths ranging from 14 to 24 metres, all equipped with KUHN’s OPTILIFT suspension system.

Two sets of controls are available: the manually operated MANUSET system or electronically controlled DILUSET+ system, both of which use KUHN’s new 42-litre OPTIFILLER chemical incorporation system which makes chemical handling safer and easier.

AXIS 40.2 M EMC – twin disc fertiliser spreader

The Axis 10.2 series of fertiliser spreaders sees several improvements being made to KUHN’s popular range of twin-disc mounted spreaders. Key improvements include increased hopper capacities and a redesigned chassis which offers up-rated payload capabilities. A new LED rear lighting system is also included.

The AXIS 40.2 M EMC boasts a 12 to 42 metre working width (up to 36m for granulated urea) and a hopper capacity of 3,200 litres. Wear resistant VXR+ coated spreading pallets as standard and use KUHN’s CDA (Coaxial Distribution Adjustment) system for accurate spreading at high speeds.

The Axis 10.2 series also uses KUHN’s EMC (Electronic Mass Control) technology to meter fertiliser flow and all machines in the range are equipped with KUHN’s Varispread (VS) variable working width technology as standard.

iBIO+ baler/wrapper combination

The iBIO+ features KUHN’s new twin film-on-film wrapping system which offers reduced wrapping costs and easier plastic recycling. This unique film binding system uses two film reels to bind the cylindrical side of the bale and offers several advantages compared to other film binding systems, not least the ability to use standard sized rolls (25µm, 750mm) therefore eliminating the need to order separate binding and wrapping film. The KUHN system also boasts quicker and easier roll loading thanks to a user-friendly system which hydraulically folds the film reels into their loading/unloading position.

Bale wrapping is taken care of by KUHN’s IntelliWrap™ system which gives complete control of the wrapping process, allowing the operator to select the number of film layers and to adjust film overlap.  The i-BIO+’s high-speed wrapping ring allows film to be applied at up to 50 revolutions per minute and produces well-shaped, tightly sealed bales for improved crop preservation.

BPR 280 – multi-purpose shredder

The BPR 280 shredder (2.79m working width) can be front or rear mounted and is available in a left-hand offset format making it perfectly suited for the maintenance of UK roadside verges, as well as for more general landscape and agricultural maintenance work.

The BPR 280 can be equipped with 56 universal Y-flails, 28 hammer knives or 72 hammer flails and is suitable for use with tractors in the 70-125hp range. The shredder can be operated at a PTO speed of either 540 rpm (rotor speed of 1833 rpm) or 1000 rpm (rotor speed of 1960 rpm) and is equipped with an hydraulically operated side offset function which provides 58cm of lateral adjustment.

SW 4014 – auto-loading square and round baler

The SW 4014 is capable of wrapping square bales up to (W x H x L) 120cm x 130cm x 200cm and round bales up to 140cm in diameter. The baler is now equipped with KUHN’s unique AUTOLOAD system which uses a laser to detect square bales as the machine approaches then automatically loads, wraps and unloads bales. This not only improves operating efficiency and speed (users are reporting up to a 15% increase in daily bale wrapping capacity) but also reduces operator fatigue.

The SW 4014 is ISOBUS compatible and uses KUHN’s IntelliWrap™ system to provide optimal film distribution across the entire circumference of the bale: the Intelliwrap system allows the operator to select between four and nine layers of film to be applied, with the wrapping film being pre-stretched as it is applied to create a tight seal and reduce film usage. The film is then cut and held ready for the next bale by two “scissors-type” film cutters.

The SW 4014 has a limited oil flow requirement and can therefore be operated by a broad range of tractors. As an option, the wrapper can be equipped with a PTO driven oil supply for optimal wrapping capacity. 

Primor 3570 – straw blower and feeder wagon

The PRIMOR 3570 M straw blower and feeder boasts a 3.5m3 load capacity and is capable of handling a single 2.0 metre diameter bale, or two 1.50m diameter bales. Square bales up to 2.70m in length can also be used.

Fitted as standard with KUHN’s POLYDRIVE system, the PRIMOR range can handle straw blowing and the feeding of all long-fibre fodders such as hay and haylage. The POLYDRIVE system uses an hydraulically disengageable belt drive to power the independent turbine and 400rpm feed rotor and is powerful enough to blow straw to a distance of 18 metres.

The PRIMOR 3570 M is designed for tractors with a minimum power output of 51hp (70hp if feeding haylage).




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