Warmer weather makes effective fly control vital, Lodi UK warns

The onset of warmer weather will increase the need to implement effective fly control measures to avoid compromising biosecurity, spreading disease and reducing productivity on livestock units, states Lodi UK, the UK’s leading manufacturer of pest control products.

“Controlling flies is a critical part of any professional livestock enterprise and a biosecurity programme cannot be considered complete unless this is done effectively, which may require year-round measures,” David Reece, the company’s Technical Adviser, states.

“The main species which affect livestock are the common house fly (Musca domestica), lesser house fly (Fannia canicularis) and stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans). Apart from the irritation they cause, preventing poultry, pigs, cattle and other livestock from settling and feeding, flies can also cause physical damage by biting as well as transmitting organisms, viruses and diseases.

“Flies like consistent, warm temperatures and thrive around livestock housing, with animal faeces providing them with an ideal breeding site,” Mr Reece adds. “As temperatures rise going into spring and summer, flies will become an increasing problem. Exactly when will vary from season to season and depend on the type of livestock unit, but because this winter was generally mild and temperatures have subsequently been higher-than-average it would be prudent to begin monitoring now and take effective action when required.

“Controlling adult flies is unlikely to be the best long-term option because by the time they reach that stage they will have produced the next generation, which also means that this approach is expensive due to the need for ongoing treatment. Limiting the use of this approach is also important to minimise the risk of building up resistance to the active ingredients used in these types of product.

“A more effective and cost-efficient method for most livestock enterprises is to treat manures with a modern, flexible and effective larvicide product such as Lodi Maggots, which tackles the problem at base level by killing fly eggs and maggots to eliminate and control fly larvae, or Lodi Sheila RB1, a ready-to-use Azamethiphos-based granular insecticide. In warm, still areas inside livestock housing where flies congregate to rest and breed another solution could be to use Lodi Twenty One, the only product that can be sprayed and painted on the walls and ceilings of livestock to kill flies almost instantly, while Lodi Perbio Choc RTU instantly kills all flying and crawling insects including red mite.”

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