NSA supports positive ‘eat more lamb’ message

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is pleased to get behind Rachel Lumley’s original idea of establishing a Love Lamb Week from 1st September.

Over recent weeks various initiatives have been voiced but this is the first that has actively asked the NSA for support. It has already gathered substantial interest and it is in line with NSA’s position of doing whatever can be done to increase positive interest in sheep farming and consumption of UK lamb.

Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “When Rachel contacted us and asked us to be involved I was enthused by her ideas and determination. This campaign has been borne out of immediate need, due to recent poor lamb prices, and we should recognise that there have been late summer lamb promotions run for many years. But this year many factors have come together to depress lamb prices and, with average UK consumption falling, it is clear we must do more to build our domestic market here in the UK.

“A strategically planned Love Lamb Week has the potential to bring more focus to many of the existing promotional activities, and add to it by encouraging more social media activity, local and farm-based events, and media coverage. We will work with other organisations to get a co-ordinated effort off the ground this year, and then it will be a matter of regrouping and seeing if this could become a regular event.”

NSA will be discussing activity with Rachel Lumley, as well as the other organisations that have expressed an interest in her work, in the coming days. This will ensure all existing activity – such as the EU lamb initiative and UK levy body work – is promoted in order to make the most of existing resources. Find and support Love Lamb Week at @LoveBritishLamb and #BritishLambWeek on Twitter, and /LoveBritishLamb on Facebook.

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