New sheep marker sprays promise brighter, bolder, better animal identification

Allflex has launched a new range of brighter, bolder, better sheep marker sprays as part of a larger collection of livestock marking products which also includes ram harnesses and crayons, raddle powders and cattle tail paints.

‘Flexmark’ sheep marker sprays are fitted with a new 360block-free valve, which allows users to apply spray marks at any angle without affecting performance.  A uniquely stable formulation also minimises residue for a fully emptying can.  The precise writing tip enables users to make precise and clear markings which are highly visible from a distance.

Flexmark Sheep Marker Spray is available in seven long-lasting, bright, clear and distinct colours: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and white.  All seven use a unique, British Wool Marketing Board approved formulation which, as well as boasting the fastest drying time of any sheep spray on the market – thereby ensuring fresh marks don’t smudge – can be applied to wet or dry wool and will remain bright even after heavy rain.

The 400ml aerosols feature colour-coded packaging to make it easy to identify the colour even if the lid is lost and are ideal for pairing ewes with lambs at birth, marking ‘fat’ lambs, drafting cull animals, identifying individual animals in need of special attention or distinguishing which animals belong to a specific flock or group.

“The new Flexmark sheep marker sprays, which are available now in local agricultural merchants, have been developed to make it easier for flock managers to apply instantly recognisable and long-lasting identification marks to their animals with minimal fuss and wastage,” explains Ashley Musgrave, Allflex UK General Manager.

“All of the products in the wider Flexmark range have been sourced from carefully selected, specialist manufacturers and have been thoroughly tested for over a year prior to launch.  The Flexmark range provides a one-stop collection of high-quality products which herd and flock managers can rely on to mark animals even in the most testing of environments.”

In addition to the sheep marker sprays the new Flexmark range also includes the following:

Dales Marker

A versatile, long-lasting marking paste which is ideal for use on upland sheep.  The paste can be applied in wet or dry conditions and can be used pre or post-dipping.  It adheres strongly to the fleece and can be used with a stick for spot marking or with paint branding irons.  The 2.5 litre and 5 litre buckets are available in four colours: red, blue, green and orange.

Ram Harness & Marking Crayons

The Flexmark Super Comfort ram harness has been developed over many years for user convenience and ram comfort.  The harness is expertly stitched with rotproof Kevlar thread for longevity and uses broad, comfortable webbing which wraps around the ram’s brisket and holds the marker crayon securely in place without chafing or rubbing.

Quick clips rather than buckles make the harness faster and easier to fit, while the harness’s bright orange colour makes it easier to spot the ram from a distance.  Each harness is also supplied with a replacement clip to prolong the life of the harness.

The replaceable click-in, click-out marking crayons can easily be exchanged or replaced without the need to tip the ram and without the need for fiddly cotter pins to be pushed through the crayon.  The crayons are available in six bright colours (orange, yellow, green, blue, red and purple) and are manufactured from a non-drying wax which has a 4-year life: other crayons usually only have a 2-year lifespan.  Each crayon is provided in easy access packaging and mounted in a low-profile plastic case to maximise crayon usage and minimise wastage.

Raddle Powder

A thick, oil and powder-based paste which is applied to the ram’s chest using an applicator stick.  Flexmark raddle powder can be used as an alternative to the harness and crayon-based marking system and will not detach from the ram’s chest.  Flexmark raddle powder is available in 1.5 kg tubs in red, blue and green.

Aerosol Cattle Tail Paints

A range of bright and fluorescent aerosol tail paints in six colours (yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and red) to aid the identification of cows showing signs of standing heat.  The solvent-based, non-irritant paints are easily visible from a distance and are fast-drying and weather resistant.  The paints, which can also be used as a general-purpose animal marker, are available in 500 ml cans which will typically mark 35-40 cows.  The aerosol cans are fitted with a no-clog valve to minimise wastage.

Liquid Cattle Tail Paints

A range of oil-based tail paints in six fluorescent, highly visible colours (red, blue, green, orange, pink and yellow) for the detection of cows showing signs of standing heat.  The paints are available in 1-litre applicator bottles which feature an integrated brush head for ease of application.  The bottles are made of clear plastic making it easy to see the colour of the paint contained within.  Subject to weather conditions, Flexmark liquid tail paints will last for up to 28 days after application.  Each bottle will typically paint 80-100 cows and has a two-year shelf life.



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