Shake-up in the Jerseys sees new number one bull

Some brand new bulls and others which have risen through the ranks bring added interest for the non-Holstein breeders, whose Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) rankings on the new genetic base are published today (7 April 2020) by AHDB Dairy.


The number one Jersey, River Valley Cece Chrome (Critic-P x Celebrity) is a case in point, having risen from 57th position in the December 2019 ranking, with a PLI of £568. Outstanding amongst the top five for his Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) for production (808kg milk, 33.5kg fat and 27.2kg protein), he also offers excellent improvement in cell counts (SCC -17) and Lifespan (LS +73 days). Chrome is also the highest Type Merit Jersey in the top five at TM 1.9.

Danish VJ Raastrup Hihl Gislev (PLI £457) moves up one place to second position, offering high milk quality (0.14% fat, 0.11% protein), the lowest cell counts (SCC -19) in the top five alongside good daughter fertility (+7.2) and lifespan (+61 days).

In third position and with a PLI of £434, River Valley Circus Craze (Lemonhead X Pharoah) is a newcomer, graduating from the genomic list last time. He offers good weights of milk, fat and protein (543kg, 21.6kg and 16.9kg respectively) and high health, notably reducing cell counts (-14), increasing daughter lifespan (+64 days) and also offering high type (TM+1.9).

Two Danish Jerseys round off the top five, one – Danish VJ Blanke Jason Janko – offering the highest milk quality in the top five at 0.34% fat and 0.18% protein while the fifth-ranking Danish VJ Hilario has the most exceptional daughter fertility, at +16.3.

British Friesians

The small but stable British Friesian population sees little change in the ranking, with long-term headliners, Catland Caleb and Catlane Cromwell (PLI £346 and PLI £334) taking first and second positions, ahead of third ranking Lakemead Pinnacle son, Inch Patrick who adds enough daughters to be officially listed, with a PLI of £324.

In fourth and fifth positions are former number one sire, Lakemead Jingle, who edges downwards with a PLI of £311 but transmits the highest weight of protein on the list (+16.2kg). He ranks ahead of Kirkby Malvern (Blackisle Benloyal) who enters the ranking for the first time, as daughter numbers increase and earn him a PLI of £302.


Ayrshires see little change in the first three positions, which are led by VR Nivalan Fimbe Faabeli with a PLI of £552, ahead of VR Gunnarstorp Backen Gobel (PLI £486) and Pell Pers (PLI £447).

Completely new to the Ayrshire list is fourth-ranking VR Vimpula son, VR Stenkulla Vimpula Vilano, with a £PLI of 429. As in the last proof run, the top five are rounded off by VR Kuusian Valpas Vimpula, whose PLI is £428.

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