One of the South West’s largest organic dairies appoints Velcourt in run-up to Brexit

Clinton Devon Farms Partnership (CDFP), a Clinton Devon Estates farming business, has announced the appointment of Europe’s leading farming company, Velcourt Limited, to manage its East Devon organic dairy and help to steer it through the complexities of Brexit.

Velcourt have been advisors to CDFP since November 2016, working with the farm partners to develop a strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture once the UK leaves the European Union in 2019.

A five year plan for the farming business will focus on improving organic dairy performance in terms of output and productivity whilst meeting ambitious targets for soil and water quality. It also identifies targets for improving wildlife habitats and biodiversity, which are informed by Clinton Devon Estates’ Wildlife Prospectus.

John Varley, Estates Director for Clinton Devon Estates said: “Post Brexit, successful dairy farming operations will be those that have the right systems in place. They will need to be resilient to volatile currencies and input costs and able to take advantage of global and local demand for milk.”

Mr Varley added: “We have very high standards for our farms and have always been proud of our professional management. We continue to make focussed investments to raise productivity and competiveness while, all the time, innovating, improving animal health and enhancing the environment.  Velcourt share our values and aims and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

Robbie Taylor, Velcourt’s Livestock Director said “We are delighted to be associated with Clinton Devon Estates and are looking forward to working closely with the Clinton Devon Farms Partnership to deliver a farming strategy that plays to our shared values of achieving the highest standards for farming and milk production.  This is a great opportunity to take the farm to the next stage in readiness for Brexit and changing economic circumstances with a new Agricultural Policy on the horizon post 2020”

Velcourt’s Barney Tremaine, has been appointed to the role of Farms Manager and is working with the CDFP team to manage day to day operations and the implementation of the new five year strategy.  “Organic farming is all about farming the land sustainably and we are focussing on where to invest to get the best return; not only for the business and the welfare of our animals but also for nature, the environment and society”.

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