NWF and Buitelaar announce innovative and unique rose veal project

National ruminant feed manufacturer NWF Agriculture and Irish-based meat and livestock processor Buitelaar Production (UK) Ltd have announced today, 31st January 2014, that they will be working in partnership on an innovative and unique new rose veal scheme.

The partnership is focussed on the production of rose veal from birth to 420kg liveweight to meet the rapidly growing demand for this product. Buitelaar are currently supplying 350 rose cattle per week, but need to increase numbers to 500 cattle per week from January 2014 and to 750 per week over the following 18 months to meet supply agreements.

NWF will be providing all the practical advice required to successfully grow calves to the correct size and grade required for processing. This will include supply of feed and all advice on production management.

Feed trials conducted by NWF and Buitelaar demonstrate that the partnership creates opportunities and a sustainable, traceable scheme for NWF customers, as well as reducing wastage of bull calves. Buitelaar International will underwrite the purchase price when animals go into production and will pay the farmer directly for the cattle when they have been processed.

The production process has 3 options -

1. Farmer grows home-bred or bought-in calves from birth to slaughter at 10.5 months
2. Calves are grown to 12 weeks (120kg liveweight) and transferred to a fattener
3. Fattener receives 12 week old calves and fattens to 10.5 months ( 420kg liveweight)

Calves sold must meet a finishing liveweight of 420kg (214 deadweight), and no animals are accepted for slaughter over 14 months of age. However, Buitelaar has their Buitelaar Select Scheme which processes calves between the age of 12 to 14 months, which is classified as young bull beef. To avoid variations in efficiency between growers, a strict protocol in relation to feeding and housing will be implemented by NWF.

NWF will work closely with farmers in implementing the feeding and housing protocol, monitoring growth rates and feed efficiency so that the rose veal meets the high quality standards required by Buitelaar.

Rose veal production means that no grass fed products are to be fed during the production process, therefore NWF Sales Specialists will be working closely with farmers providing advice on the recommended feed stuffs, including looking at the best options in terms of compounds and a specially formulated NWF B1blend.

Speaking at the launch of the project NWF Managing Director, David Warrington said “This exciting project brings together NWF and Buitelaar’s expertise in rose veal production. Our feed trials clearly demonstrate that the partnership creates sustainable and profitable partnership opportunities for NWF customers, whilst reducing wastage of bull calves.”

Adam Buitelaar, Managing Director, Buitelaar Production (UK) Ltd said “This project converts a by-product into a saleable product, whilst utilising labour already available on the farm. There is a low risk involved for the farmer due to quick turn around and price underwriting, and importantly demonstrates a high level of welfare to milk suppliers

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