Norbrook leads the way with product and educational support for dry cow management

Norbrook Laboratories has launched a powerful new dry cow preparation together with an innovative educational tool. The launch of Cefimam DC intramammary ointment follows hot on the heels of the Cefimam LC preparation, both containing the powerful 4th generation cephalosporin, cefquinome. At the same time, the company has released a Polish language version of its popular Best Practice Guide for On-Farm Mastitis Control, in response to demand from producers with non-English speaking farm-hands.

Norbrook vet Chris Geddes commented, “I believe this is the first time that such a guide has been produced to cater for farm-hands of a different nationality working within the UK. Good mastitis management starts with good education; giving everyone on the farm the same opportunity for learning the best techniques for prevention means that we help minimise incidences of mastitis, which costs the dairy industry millions of pounds in lost revenue every year.

“This prevention includes a thorough and consistent approach to dry cow management. The early drying off period is often a risky time, when pre-existing subclinical infections can bed-in. The cow is also at increased risk of gaining new infections due to lack of udder hygiene procedures that would normally occur at milking, and weakened immunity as she approaches calving. Our new cefquinome preparation is a valuable addition to have in the treatment armoury for dry cow management. It has broad-spectrum activity and high cellular penetration to help tackle hard-to-manage cases with the aim of returning to maximum productivity by the start of the milking season.”

Cefimam DC will be available at all veterinary wholesalers in packs of 24x and 120x 8g intramammary tubes. Vets can obtain both English and Polish versions of the Best Practice Guide for On-Farm Mastitis Control from their Territory Manager.

The new product brings the total number of lactating cow, dry cow and sealant mastitis products in the Norbrook GB range to 11, details of which can be found at For further information on any of the products, practices should contact their Territory Manager or call Norbrook GB head office on 01536 741 147.

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