Norbrook launches new external parasite treatment, Spotinor

Norbrook has announced the launch of Spotinor Deltamethrin spot-on, a new product which can be used to kill a wide range of external parasites that can have economically damaging effects on cattle, sheep and lambs.

Spotinor is Norbrook’s first spot-on product, which is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of ectoparasitic infestations. It complements the company’s broad range of anthelmintic and ectoparasiticide products.

Product features and benefits:

• Great for mixed species farms: licensed for use in cattle, sheep and lambs

• Treats and prevents a wide range of ectoparasitic infestations: lice and flies on cattle, ticks, lice, keds and established blowfly strike on sheep, and lice and ticks on lambs

• Simple dosing negates the need to weigh animals: easy dosing of 10ml for cattle, 5ml for sheep, 2.5ml for lambs (under 10kg/1 month of age)

• Suits commercial farming as well as small-holdings: the product is available in a range of pack sizes with convenient dispensing. Spotinor is available in 250ml and 500ml squeeze neck dispensing packs as well as a 1 litre and 2.5 litre backpack with dosing gun

• Zero milk withhold: making it an essential product for dairy farmers in the maintenance of dairy herd welfare and preserving the all-important milk yield

Commenting on the new product, Edward Haughey, Director of Norbrook GB, said:
“As Britain’s leading veterinary pharmaceutical company, Norbrook is committed to providing British farmers and vets with the products and services they need to manage animal health effectively. Spotinor is the first generic to market, which displays the same benefits as the pioneer product. We are delighted to launch Spotinor, which gives livestock producers a greater choice of safe and sound solutions for the control of external parasites.”
Spotinor is indicated for use on cattle, sheep and lambs only. Seek advice from a veterinary professional or animal health advisor on the use of this product. Legal Category UK POM-VPS Spotinor spot-on is a registered trademark of Norbrook Laboratories Ltd.

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