New choline supplement to improve yields and fertility post-calving

KW has launched Sta-Chol, a concentrated rumen-protected choline supplement to support liver function and improve fat metabolism in early lactation cows. Considered most effective in cows mobilising large amounts of body fat post-calving – such as high yielders or those over-fit at calving – the result is a reduction in negative energy balance, lower risk of fatty liver disease, increased milk yield and improved fertility.

Choline is essential for good liver function, yet is degraded in the rumen if not supplied in a rumen-protected form. Sta-Chol is included in the ration at just 20g/cow/day for two weeks pre-calving and up to four weeks into lactation, and has been demonstrated to be consistently effective in herds averaging over 30 litres/cow/day – research trials show average early lactation dry matter intake increased by 0.78kg/cow/day and milk yield by 2.21kg/cow/day.

In a 350 cow field-scale trial, Sta-Chol fed over just a four week period resulted in an extra 116kg milk/cow produced during the first eight weeks of lactation, equivalent to a potential return on investment in excess of 3.5:1.

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