Morrisons must go further on milk, says NFU

Morrisons must support dairy farmers by paying a sustainable price, the NFU said today.

In recent meetings with the retailer, the NFU outlined the pressures affecting dairy farmers, especially the unsustainable milk price being received on farm. Many dairy farmers are now receiving milk prices far below the cost of production. This has led to demonstrations and protests within and outside supermarkets across the country.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “While Morrisons recently confirmed it is not accepting any further cost price decreases from their suppliers, I don’t feel that this goes far enough in these desperate times. I wish to see the retailer develop transparent pricing mechanisms, and long term relationships with their suppliers, that show support to the British dairy sector.

“We will be continuing discussions with Morrison’s in the coming weeks and we will keep pushing them to develop support mechanisms that work for them and the industry.

“Now we need to ensure that Morrisons’ performance on dairy delivers for British farmers as they already do on red meat and poultry.”

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