Merial offers free MOO Tests for dairy cows this autumn

Dairy farmers can take advantage of a free MOO Test this autumn, to help assess the need to worm cows for gutworm and ensure optimal productivity.

MOO Tests are being supported and funded by Merial Animal Health for the seventh year, as it continues to raise awareness of the effect of gutworm on dairy productivity.

Sioned Timothy, veterinary adviser for Merial Animal Health, says: “The latest MOO Test figures show that 88% of the UK dairy herd is affected by high levels of gutworm challenge. This is a significant number of potentially underperforming cows. Treating cows for gutworm has been shown to have significant benefits in terms of milk yield and fertility.”

“At a time when maximising productivity is vital to dairy business success, farmers should seriously consider testing their herd this autumn and develop a treatment plan with their vet or SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) based on the result, to optimize herd performance.”

The test is quick and simple and involves no more than sending a bulk milk sample to the MOO Test accredited laboratory. The sample is tested for the presence of antibody to gutworm (Ostertagia ostertagii) and will indicate whether the herd has been exposed to low, medium or high challenge.

The results of the test are sent to both the farmer and their vet or SQP, to enable them to determine the best course of action and treatment.

To arrange a free MOO Test farmers should contact their vet or SQP at their local merchant, who will supply the testing kit required.

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