Firmware update puts cows first in automated milking system

Fullwood Packo has made a number of firmware and machine control updates to its M2erlin automated milking system designed to provide a more efficient, smoother and more relaxed milking environment for cows and their farmers.

The latest firmware and machine control updates have increased the speed at which the M2erlin’s milking cluster attaches to the udder, making the entire milking process more efficient and pleasant for the cow.

Aa new teat detection system – the TDS2 – makes cluster attachment more reliable, even for the most demanding or irregularly shaped udders and teats, while the near-silent, all-electric attachment arm has also been revised for even smoother movement that is less disruptive to the cow without compromising efficacy.

A revised and updated version of the M²erlinInfo app which is more intuitive and enables users to measure, monitor and maximise milking parameters in greater detail has also been launched.

“A cow-first approach is the guiding philosophy for everything we do at Fullwood Packo,” says Glenn De Buf, product manager at Fullwood Packo. “Every decision or change we make to our milking systems considers the cow first. Afterall, healthier cows produce healthier milk, which means better quality and overall results for our farmers.

“With animal welfare a key priority on any farm, and with increased consumer and legislative focus, creating a pleasant, safe and hygienic milking environment is more important than ever.

“Advances in technology have already transformed the dairy industry, with further changes on the horizon. Innovation is the lifeblood of agriculture. Although there will be challenges, exciting opportunities are ahead for both farmers and the wider industry. From greater efficiency to higher yields and increased sustainability, smarter solutions will open up new and valuable pathways for the future of milking.”

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