The Stabiliser Cattle Company deploys new agtech to enhance breed performance

The Stabiliser® Cattle Company, the leader in UK suckler beef genetics, has introduced new livestock management software into its high-performance breeding programme.

AgriWebb’s mobile app and insight-led dashboards are being introduced to its 110 breeders, called Multipliers, who manage over 12,000 breeding cattle. The software makes it easier to record performance data on Stabiliser’s animals, and view numerous insights including weight records and pedigree traits. It is speeding up data collection and providing evidence to support Stabiliser’s selection of the best available genetics.

Within the partnership agreement, all Stabiliser producers will have discounted access to the software in order to track animal performance on their own farms. This will help maximise their productivity and support wider data collection on the breed, supporting Stabiliser’s aim to continuously improve the economic efficiency of its herd.

“The technology is immediately saving us time,” said Seth Wareing, business manager. “All animal performance data will be centralised, no matter the location of our farmers using the app – a big win for us compared to previously awaiting manual spreadsheets from around the country. AgriWebb will really be an advantage to commercial producers, as we will have greater insight to make better decisions with these cattle in mind.”


Sian and Llion Jones

Sian and Llion Jones

Llion and Sian Jones, Moelogan Fawr in Llanrwst, Wales record 13 cattle performance traits as Multipliers, and these are submitted to Stabiliser for analysis and Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) formation. Records made in the field are immediately synced whenever internet connectivity is available, ensuring information is accurate and up to date.

Sian Jones said: “In the past, simply recording animal weights was a tedious task – taking tag numbers and weights, then spending evenings in the office, transferring that information onto a computer. Now when we come to the office, we are looking at the data and making decisions based on it, instead of just inputting it and forgetting about it. That’s a big bonus.”

Campbell Mauchan, UK country manager at AgriWebb, said: “Stabiliser are breeding better cattle that are going to help the bottom line of producers – and lifting overall productivity is what we’re all about. Farmers who buy Stabiliser cattle can use AgriWebb to prove performance and bolster it – they’ll have data-based evidence and can continue recording in the same spirit. If you’re buying into a breed that’s intended to help the productivity of your farm, then we can help you prove it and do more of it.”

Through the partnership, anyone with stabiliser cattle receives 20% off AgriWebb annual plans. For more information visit

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