Shoppers in Cyprus buy Quality Standard Mark beef for first time

Families in Cyprus can now buy Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef lamb after it was listed in supermarkets there for the first time.

Selected foodservice outlets have been using the imported product for some time, but this month, it went on sale in the AlphaMega chain of supermarkets also.

Its debut was heralded by a promotional blitz which included TV slots, in-store tastings and widespread advertising support, and was backed by Greek celebrity chef Akis Petretzikis.

There were also promotional texts to ex-pat residents by the supermarket chain urging them to take advantage of offers on QSM beef.

Jean-Pierre Garnier, export manager for AHDB Beef & Lamb, said: “We have had Quality Standard Mark beef in foodservice outlets in Cyprus for some time but this is the first time it has been in supermarkets – and the initial response has exceeded our expectations with a sizeable hike of meat overall sales and strong demand for QSM beef.

“Butchers in the stores have been trained to cut and present the meat in a certain way and chefs have been cooking in selected stores to allow customers to taste the product.

“Cyprus is a small but good market for our exported beef. It has a strong ex-pat community, holidaymakers and residents with a high net disposable income which means there is demand for the higher end cuts.

“It adds another destination to the growing portfolio of countries where we can sell domestically produced product to help underpin farmgate prices in England.”

There is a plan to repeat the marketing activity in September and before Christmas after a full analysis of the initial results has been made.

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