Cogent reveals new corporate identity fit for the global marketplace

Cogent Breeding Ltd, the leading supplier of beef and dairy genetics to over 40 countries worldwide, has revealed a new logo and corporate identity for the business in the UK and around the world.

Commenting on the redesign, Andrew Turner, CEO of Cogent Breeding, said: “This is a crucial time in Cogent’s long history and we believe our new logo and corporate identity are a clearer expression of who we are and what we do in the global market.

“We are committed to improving livestock genetics, reproduction and selection globally through greater resource efficiency and the application of science, best practice and precision technologies.

“Our old logo has served us well, but in a global market place, we wanted to stand out. The colours and typeface chosen have a more contemporary feel and the marque based on the double helix clearly illustrates the central role that science and technology play in all that we do.”

“In the last six months, Cogent has extended its international capability through the acquisition of Canada’s Foundation Genetics (which will rebrand as Cogent Canada); expanded our UK product portfolio via an exclusive agreement with AI Total; and increased the scope of our Precision Services with Farm WizardTM, which means that we can now manage animals for their whole lifetime – from pre-conception throughout their productive lives.”

Andrew Turner continues, “By choosing Cogent, our customers gain access to extensive knowledge, delivered professionally and objectively, by our team of experts. Our proven commitment to investment in research and development is bringing forward the most cutting-edge scientific advances, adding value for our customers.

“We offer the complete range of solutions to deliver improvement on farm. Our business is all about bringing innovation to breeding. We will be talking more in 2016 about the activities and developments in our growth programme which underpin our ambition to become world leader in the improvement of beef and dairy genetics.”

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