Blade Farming one of first to deploy new AgriWebb Connect supply chain management tool

AgriWebb, creator of the world’s leading livestock enterprise management solution, today announced the launch of AgriWebb Connect. The new platform is built uniquely for forward-thinking livestock supply chains and is based on AgriWebb’s farm-level solution already used by over 8,000 global farmers to manage 18 million animals.

AgriWebb Connect is the only supply chain management solution in the ag industry powered by real-time animal data. The platform arms market leaders with an understanding of their supply chain at every level of detail, from macro-level comparisons of key performance indicators all the way down to unit-level farm reporting – all instantaneously. It can connect individual animal histories from conception to carcass, enhancing the level of intelligence with which supply chain players can make decisions and the level of trust they can build with retailers, partners, and consumers.

“The fact that so much energy and money is spent by tech on social media and entertainment while so little resourcing is dedicated to our food production is unbelievable,” said Justin Webb, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of AgriWebb. “The launch of AgriWebb Connect means the industry’s biggest supply chains will have access to the same real-time data insights that we’ve been arming farmers with for years, except now with the added ability to connect, collate, and visualise on-farm insights at an unimaginable scale. Unlocking this power not only helps supply chains to succeed; it allows us all to prove the positive impact we can make on the global sustainability conversation, and it expands our ability to put AgriWebb in the hands of as many farmers as possible.”

Since inception, AgriWebb has been working with farmers all over the world. AgriWebb Connect joins the next stage in the industry’s evolution by delivering the valuable data farmers have developed and utilised for years, up the supply chain. Working with early adopters across the globe, AgriWebb Connect has seen startling success. In recent work with the UK’s largest integrated beef production farm business, Blade Farming, owned by ABP, the company has seen direct correlations to the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of its operations.

“Our farming partners love using AgriWebb to collect information on the farm,” said Rebekah Price, Agriculture Manager, ABP. “We no longer have to visit them and call them daily to get results, we just open our dashboard and see updated numbers as it happens. Our retail customers love this transparency that allows us to report on supply and animal welfare and traceability in real-time.”

Together, AgriWebb and Blade Farming have already connected over 75 participating farms via AgriWebb Connect and tracked more than 13,000 individual animal weights within the platform. The value of aggregating this level of data has been near immediate; of note, vaccination record entries are already illuminating the high priority participating rearers place on preventative measures to ensure healthy animals arrive at the finishing stage.

Following trials at its Shropshire demonstration farm, Blade’s parent company ABP Food Group recently revealed that using superior bulls can lower carbon emissions by 11% and is worth £250 a head. Data on feed intakes, growth rates, health traits and carcass performance at slaughter are recorded by Blade using AgriWebb Connect. This is then fed back into sires’ estimated breeding values (EBVs).

AgriWebb Connect is designed to work hand-in-hand with AgriWebb’s farm-level livestock enterprise management solution, building a holistic, real-time view of the entire supply chain from the same pool of farm-level animal data, enabling supply chain players to level up their operations in the following ways:

A Better Path to Profitability 

  • Increased number of in-spec animals with conception-to-carcass level data insights
  • Manage real-time cross-farm KPIs with unparalleled accuracy
  • Greater accuracy for capacity planning and forecasting, from total supply down to individual performance

Supercharged Efficiency

  • Easily share animal performance data up and down the chain including genetic data, carcass data and for compliance purposes
  • All supply chain producers are empowered to capture and share real-time data within one connected platform ​
  • Elimination of lags, gaps and inaccuracies in reporting as well as the need for time-consuming manual data collection

Improved Consumer & Retailer Trust: 

  • Better insight into animal welfare practices with full lifetime data across the supply chain
  • Producers can support farmers to introduce data capture, gaining on-farm insights to help them better manage their business through challenging times
  • Net Zero programme compliance made easy with complete supply chain traceability and data transparency

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