Assess sustainable options despite rising palm oil prices

With palm oil futures surging to an 18-month high at the end of 2015 as production losses from the strongest El-Nino in 20 years took hold, Adams & Green Ltd, leading specialist supplier of liquid feed fats to the animal feed industry, is calling on the feed sector not to ignore the issue of sustainable palm oil.

Over a third of the world’s vegetable oil market is made up of palm oil and as it requires 10 times less land than the other three major oil producing crops, it has an important role to play in food production, especially in light of the world’s rapidly expanding population.

Daniel Chilvers, General Manager at Adams & Green said: “Following the extensive publicity around palm oil sustainability, the consumer food industry has largely moved towards using sustainable sources. Progress in the feed industry has been slower, although there is increasing interest and activity, with several feed companies making, and acting upon, commitments to use sustainable palm oil.

“This has helped to improve the supply chain options for the feed industry with segregated palm oil now more easily available and at lower costs. Despite weak demand for sustainable palm use in the feed sector, it remains important for feed companies and their customers to increase their awareness and assess their options. This will ensure they can respond quickly if, and when, demand increases.”

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