NFU targets food plan at Liberal Democrat Party Conference

Short-term strategies can help agriculture tackle the difficulties facing the industry but a long-term ambition for a more competitive and profitable UK farm and food sector is crucial, the NFU will say at its fringe event at this year’s Liberal Democrat Party Conference.

As part of its joint session with the Food and Drink Federation, titled ‘How do we best develop a national food strategy for the UK’, the NFU will outline farmers’ expectations of the Government’s 25-year growth plan for food and farming.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “I was pleased to see that every political party recognised UK farmers play a vital role in the UK food supply chain and want to work with the industry to develop a growth plan. We are speaking to politicians now about the crucial issues facing our industry today, but we must also look to the future.

“We want to see responsible, profitable growth. We need to invest for competitive farming. And we want to produce more and export more where there’s a market, where there is consumer demand and where there are new opportunities.

“We have a range of short-term remedies to help overcome the current difficulties being felt in some sectors but we also have essential medium and long term aims for growth. The NFU is ambitious for the future for food and farming but we need support from all Government departments and a transformation in the way farmers access and implement new technology and knowledge on farm.

“This event will give us the opportunity to talk a little about our new report, due to be launched in October, which explores the potential for UK farming and how one should measure progress, as well how to exploit more of the demand at home. Most importantly, we will set out what needs to happen in order to fulfil that market potential.”

The NFU’s and FDF’s fringe event takes place in Bournemouth on Tuesday 22 September.

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