New CAP Simplification measures announced by EU Commissioner Hogan a step forward say farmers

Copa and Cogeca welcomed as a step forward new measures announced by EU Farm Commissioner Phil Hogan to simplify the CAP but have called for private storage aid for pigmeat to be introduced in December.

Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said “We welcome as a positive step the fact that Mr Hogan has come forward with a list of measures to simplify the CAP to make life easier for farmers. But we need to see further measures introduced along this vein. In particular, it is good to see a reduction in on-the-spot checks and also to have preventative preliminary checks which allow problems in initial aid applications to be rectified up to 35 days after the deadline of submission without farmers having to suffer penalties. We called for this. It is also a positive step that voluntary coupled support and young farmers’ schemes are being simplified by giving more flexibility and subsidiarity to Member States. Coupled support can play a positive role in some areas of the EU. We also welcome the fact that the amount of rules for measures to manage the market will be cut for 200 to 40 and that the greening measures will be reviewed in 2016 so that we have a good idea of how they worked in the first year beofre making changes. Another positive step is to align measures vis a vis producer organisations.Looking at ways to simplify and cut red tape under the rural development programmes is also a positive move. Red tape is really burdensome for farmers and undermines competitiveness”.

“We are nevertheless calling for pigmeat private storage to be introduced already in December. We urge the Commission and Member States to act on this. It was the only measure for pigmeat included in the aid package and it would be much more effective to be introduced in December. Without timely action, many producers will be forced out of business”, he warned.

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