Leave vote poses huge questions for Britain’s agricultural supply industry

In April, the Board of the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) halted all planning based upon a Referendum ‘Leave’ vote, as the number of unknowns and variables were too complex to even identify, let alone build possible strategies upon.

The result today is therefore the start of a period of uncertainty which may take months – or even years – to resolve.

“As of today AIC – like the rest of the country – has no clear idea of how events will unfold,” said David Caffall, AIC’s Chief Executive. “We will be seeking clarification on what this decision means in terms of market options; regulations and the timetable for the changes that will inevitably occur.

“Today, we begin a new pro-active period. In the first instance, we are fully committed to gain clarity for our Members as scenarios and timescales unfold. Then, as ever, we will lobby to ensure emerging policies and regulations are as practical and pragmatic as possible where it affects the agricultural supply industry.”

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