FSA checks for presence of soya in wheat flour

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has started a sampling and testing programme at milling plants in the UK to test for the presence of soya in wheat flour. This follows reports that wheat flour may contain traces of soya.

Previous studies have shown that soya may be present at low levels in wheat flour. A 2013 survey carried out by the National Association of British and Irish Millers showed that low levels of soya were present in 15 out of 45 samples.

On the basis of the evidence we have received to date, the FSA believes soya in flour is unlikely to pose a risk to people with a soya allergy and does not need precautionary labelling.

The testing programme is to gather further data on the presence and level of soya in wheat and other flours in order to verify our assessment of the risk to people with allergies and to ensure that consumers are being given accurate information about flour, and flour based products.

Samples are being taken from 13 milling plants across the UK.

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