Embrace innovation to allow industry to grow and thrive

By embracing innovation, the whole agricultural industry can grow and thrive, Allan Bowie, NFU Scotland’s President told the Congress of European Farmers today (Wednesday 5 October).

Mr Bowie chaired a workshop on innovation and finance on the first day of the Copa Cogeca-organised conference. The workshop looked at the innovation within agriculture and the supply chain and how this can better deliver sustainable prices with a profit that can be shared by all.

This workshop was one of the sessions at the Congress of European Farmers conference, taking place in Greece from 5 to 7 October, considering what needs to be done to create a better future for farmers and crofters.

Allan Bowie, NFU Scotland’s President commented: “Innovation is key to all parts of the farming, food and drink industry. Many times over it has been said that we could not produce enough food to feed the world population.

“Time and time again farming has innovated and stepped up to the challenge. With a finite amount of land, a growing world population and the added pressure of being asked to use less resources while producing more, the need to innovate has never been greater.

“By getting farmers together from across the whole of Europe we have an opportunity to share our experiences and highlight the innovation that is being done. Farming today is so much more than dirty boots and simply planting a seed or rearing an animal.

“We need policies and initiatives that understand the complex factors that now go into food production and that will be needed if we are to provide for the food needs of a growing world population while addressing the challenges of combatting climate change, using natural resources sympathetically and ensuring that all in the food chain share the risk as well as the rewards.”

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