Defra on prioritising the outcomes from upland areas

A new framework sets out how new and existing partnerships should work together to prioritise the outcomes from upland areas. This includes environmental, social and economic benefits.

Wordily named, ‘Making sure government policies and programmes benefit rural businesses and communities. Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems at home and abroad’, the framework identifies the key resources such as wildlife, drinking water supply, carbon storage and flood protection.

This framework adopts the ecosystem approach, which puts people at the heart of the environment. It recognises the value of local skills and knowledge in determining the priorities at the local scale.

It is intended to be used by all parties involved in delivering outcomes in the uplands. This will include:
> government and their agencies
> national and local stakeholders
> existing or new landscape scale or area based delivery partnerships or projects, including National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs), Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) etc.
> groups of, or individual land managers and Natural England delivery staff when for example developing new agri-environment agreements or considering SSSI notices.

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