CPA sets out policy priorities for the next government

The Crop Protection Association (CPA) has outlined its policy priorities for the next government, as it publishes a mini-manifesto ahead of the 2015 General Election.

The manifesto calls on the next government to produce a UK Food Plan, which should include three key priorities: the ‘Food Proofing’ of policymaking, a commitment to science-based decision making, and the championing of innovation and proper risk management.

Nick von Westenholz, CEO of the CPA said:

“It is crucial the next government, whatever its hue, demonstrates it understands the complex and interrelated nature of both environmental and agricultural policy in their broadest senses. At the heart of the government’s food plan should be a commitment to a balanced approach that enhances our natural environment whilst increasing UK agricultural productivity.

“To this end we have set out three policy priorities which should underpin that commitment:

· ‘Food-Proofing’ policymaking so that the needs of domestic food production are properly considered in the development and implementation of policy;

· science based decision making accompanied by a commitment to proper risk-assessment on matters where questions of precaution arise; and

· an ‘Innovation Principle’ which ensures that impact on innovation is taken into full account in policy and the legislative process.

“The CPA is urging the next UK government to properly support domestic food production, whilst pursuing a pragmatic yet robust approach in Europe towards the policies and regulations affecting British agriculture. The UK government must demonstrate a progressive and enlightened leadership in promoting modern, productive and sustainable farming.

“By adopting a strategic approach to food policy the government can begin to combat concerns about our own food security, help drive job creation and economic growth and meet our moral obligation to help feed a growing global population”

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