Pioneer Ruth sets out vision of how supermarkets should be

Entrepreneur Ruth Anslow will today (Friday, 31 October) set out her vision for how supermarkets should be

Ms Anslow – who with her sister Amy has launched the first branch of radical new supermarket brand hiSbe in Brighton, is making a keynote speech at the Tedx conference, at the Brighton Dome.

She is to tell hundreds of delegates today: “Supermarkets cannot just go around engineering the nutrition out of food and degrading the quality of our food to feather their own nests.

“They have responsibilities towards the customers and suppliers who depend on them. Surely, they could, and should, strike a balance between making short-term profit and doing what’s right?”

The big supermarket chains are “failing suppliers, customers and communities”, according to Ms Anslow.

She will tell the major event: “The supermarket chains have made short-term profit their goal – and their god. They have allowed bad food to become the norm. Now society is picking up the tab for the bad way they do business.

“We have put all the good stuff in one place and made it more affordable, by eroding the high prices and big margins normally associated with good food.

“It is all about pushing good food and the brands that care into the mainstream market. We are challenging the out-moded supermarket business model.”

hiSbe Food opened its first store on London Road (at the junction with York Place), Brighton, in December last year.

Ms Anslow will add: “Over the next 30 years we intend to grow hiSbe into a national chain of stores and a force for change and good in farming and the food industry.

“We will make the food industry fairer and more sustainable, by giving shoppers the opportunity to use their weekly food shopping money for good.”

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