Farmer shelf watch finds that majority of Scottish retailers offer Scotch beef burgers

With a heatwave promised, people in Scotland are hoping to enjoy some end of summer barbecues. And as people stock up, NFU Scotland is highlighting where consumers can go if they want to buy high-quality Scotch Beef Burgers.

The latest shelfwatch undertaken by Union members and staff found that clearly labelled Scottish burgers were available in the majority of large supermarket chains.

The secret shoppers identified that Tesco and Aldi are the two retailers in which shoppers were guaranteed that any burgers they bought would be Scottish. Scotch beef burgers were also on offer in Morrisons, the Co-op and Lidl. While not labelled as Scotch, all burgers in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Marks and Spencers were British. The majority of burgers in the Asda store surveyed were not marked with any clear country of origin, but British ones were also available.

Those buying their burgers from their local butcher, farm shop or farmers market can just about be guaranteed that it will be Scottish that is going on the grill.

Speaking after looking at the results NFU Scotland Livestock Committee Chairman Charlie Adam said: “Farmers and the Scottish general public will be hoping the forecast of fine weather for next week comes true. And if people are digging out their barbeques, we want to help to make sure it is Scottish burgers on the menu.

“While many will use their local butcher or farm shop to source their meat, it is encouraging for anyone planning a barbie that the vast majority of large retailers in Scotland also offer Scotch beef burgers

“All burgers available in the Tesco and Aldi stores are Scottish and this commitment to provenance and clear labelling is positive.

“It was unfortunate that the origin of some of the burgers available in Asda was not apparent from the label – something we have raised with the retailer – and this is why we think it is important for shoppers that we see clear Country of Origin Labelling for processed meats introduced in the UK.

“I would urge all of those retailers who do not currently offer Scotch Beef Burgers to go back to their own supply chain and make sure they offer burgers from Scotland in their Scottish stores.”

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