Who will speak for England? Or Wales, for that matter?

Anyone who’s looked at the farming press in the last few months, can not help but notice that one person is quoted again and again on doings in the increasingly powerful European parliament.

Alyn Smith, the Scottish nationalist MEP pops up again and again. Why? It couldn’t be simper. Alyn Smith is the only UK MEP who ever has anything to say on the subject. Or at least the only MEP who ever has anything to say on the subject that isn’t incoherent. (If you know of a counter-example, feel free to let me know, but what I’ve heard from British MEPs since the last European elections has been largely wibble).

Alyn Smith, given his party membership, maybe assumed not to be a believer in the existence of a United Kingdom. That means that we, it would seem, have naff all representation in the body which has the democratic power over agriculture policy.

It’s a failure by our political parties, who don’t seem to have bothered to have sent anyone who’s very interested, and of us as voters – too many of whom didn’t take the election at all seriously enough.

The world is changing. It’s more global and that’s good (the American farmers’ union doesn’t think so, but then the American NFU shares the belief of some in British agriculture that grateful consumers are desperate to buy anything with the flag on it) and we’ve got a major step forward in globalisation in agriculture this week, with the takeover bid for Syngenta by a Chinese company. Changing times.

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