May the weather be better already

I do hope that in the time it takes this to get from my computer to your doormat the weather has improved dramatically from the ex-hurricane mess that was last Sunday and the start of this week. I also hope, for less professional reasons, that the autumn that a lot of people seem to think has come extra early this year will stay away a bit longer. My own ideal year consists of mild weather until Christmas, with a couple of hard frosts in January to kill off a few pests, and then spring, but not all readers may agree with me.

One article in our previous issue that got more feedback than most was Colin Ley’s report from the Royal Highland Show on the pros and cons of independence for Scottish livestock farmers, especially as it quoted, accurately, one speaker’s mathematical slip. Reader James Gammie came up with some detailed responses and I’ve put them in our news pages.

The polls suggest Scots aren’t going to vote for independence, a view I reckon is backed by the British voters’ habit of going for no change every time we hold a referendum on anything, but there is the chance that Scotland, including its farming industry, could be taking a big step into the unknown. Apparently the UK Government has no plan for dealing with a ‘yes’ vote, because it might be leaked and then it would have to admit that it had a plan.

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