Siloking range gains high capacity triple auger models

The Siloking trailed diet feeder range from Kverneland continues to expand and is now available with high capacity, triple auger models.

The Triple 36 and Triple 40 vertical mixer models offer capacities of 36 and 40 cubic metres respectively. To ensure tight turning and a high degree of manoeuvrability for these large volume feeders, both models are available with tridem axle configurations. In such a guise, the first and third axles are steered.

Overall height is 3.26m (10ft 9in), allowing access into traditional buildings. Combined with multi-axle steering, such dimensions help to give these high capacity machines a level of agility to match smaller, lower capacity models. Wireless control, front cross conveyor, multiple rear discharge doors and heavy-duty tub magnets are available.

In the self-propelled Siloking line-up, models now meet Stage 4 emissions standards with four- and six-cylinder engines that have adopted SCR emissions technology (selective catalytic reduction). This change is said to bring greater operational efficiency with fuel savings across the range, helping to lower operating costs. The Prestige 1612 SCR model for example, now packs 150hp from its four-cylinder engine – an increase of 22hp over its predecessor.

Online management for feeding is becoming an increasingly important and inclusive part of the Siloking system. Such capability is contained within the focus control box. This online/cloud-based system allows the end user to access and adjust rations, then transfer data between the office computer and machine control box.

Called online feeding management, the system also allows collection of data from the feeder, including filling, discharging and operator information. As the system is internet-based, its flexibility allows a nutritionalist for example, to remotely access feeding data.

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