Greater specification flexibility and new spreading options for Xerion

For arable farmers who are simply looking for a high horsepower draft tractor to pull rather than power machinery, Claas is now able to offer the Xerion in a specification to meet their needs.

At the same time, the range of specialist equipment designed specifically for use with the Xerion has also increased with the introduction of a new higher capacity, light weight vacuum tank system from SGT and a completely new solids spreader body from Tebbe.

Currently there are over 100 Xerions operating in the UK. Of these, a number being used by contractors for a wide range of operations or as specialist tanker units, but the large majority are to being used just as high horsepower cultivations tractors.

The Xerion range comprises three models – the Xerion 4000, which has a maximum power output of 435hp, the Xerion 4500 (max power 490hp) and the Xerion 5000 (max power 530hp). All three models are available with either a centrally positioned fixed cab (TRAC) or with the unique rotating cab (TRAC VC) for use with equipment such as triple mowers. In addition, a Saddle Trac version of the Xerion 4000 is also available, where the cab is located right at the front leaving a large carrying area for tanks, etc..

For cultivations, the main requirement of a tractor is that it provides optimum power efficiency and the transfer of that power to the ground for maximum traction and pulling power.

In this respect, the Xerion with its four equal sized wheels and CVT transmission is ideally suited. However it is rare that a tractor this size will be used for PTO work or to carry front-mounted equipment, so to better meet the needs of arable farmers looking for a straightforward high powered draft tractor, it is now possible to specify the Xerion without features such as the PTO or front linkage.

As standard, all three Xerion models come with an Eccom 5.0 CVT transmission which provides 50km/h forwards but a reduced speed in reverse. As users of the TRAC version are unlikely to want high speed reverse speeds. There is also the option of the Eccom 4.5 CVT transmission, which has 50km/h reverse speed and optional auxiliary output for high flow hydraulics, required for high output slurry tankers.

If the Xerion is unlikely to be used with front-mounted equipment, it is now possible to specify it without a front-linkage and to replace this with a new weight block. This uses the same 400kg wafer weights that can be added to the back of the Xerion, so the ability to add up to 7.0 tonnes of extra weight and to balance the tractor for optimum traction is maintained.

“When you compare the Xerion to a similar sized tractor with a powershift transmission, the biggest benefits are comfort and the massive fuel saving you get from the Xerion’s CVT transmission,” explains CLAAS Tractor product manager Alastair McCallum. “The four equal sized wheels offer massive traction and we have also seen quite a number of farmers moving away from tracks because of headland damage, but also as farms get bigger and machinery has to be moved over greater distance, the Xerion is far quicker and better on the road.”

“There is also the added bonus that the Xerion is suited to high torque applications which allows heavy duty injector/incorporating implements to be used on the rear, which is particularly important when being used with the SGT tanker system.”

“By now being able to specify the Xerion more specifically to a customer’s needs, there is also a potential cost saving of up to £14,340 over the current recommended list price of £265,150.”

New solids spreader
For the first time, a new solids spreader body is also now available for the Xerion 4000 Saddletrac, manufactured by TEBBE, which enables the Xerion to be used as a dedicated self-propelled spreader.

The new body, which can be demounted, has a total capacity of 13.2m3. The spreader body is manufactured from 3.0mm thick steel. The load is conveyed to the rear spreader on two heavy-duty steel conveyor belts, that are hydraulically powered, both forward and in reverse, through large spur wheels for a positive drive.

At the rear of the spreader body there is a large slurry door and the material initially passes through two horizontal beaters driven by Duplex chains, before dropping onto two one-metre diameter spreading discs, each fitted with four vanes, which are shaft driven with overload protection.

Compared to current self-propelled spreaders on the market, the Xerion 4000 Saddletrac with its forward positioned cab has a shorter overall length, and the 4-wheel steering makes it extremely manoeuvrable. Compared to hydrostatic transmissions found on other machines, the Xerion’s CVT transmission also provides greater comfort and economy.

New 16m3 SGT polyester tank
Following the introduction of the Xerion 4000 Saddletrac, specialist tanker manufacturer SGT has introduced a new higher capacity system specifically designed for this model.

Compared to the previous 14m3 steel tank designed for the Xerion 3800 Saddletrac, the capacity of the new tank system has been increased to 16m3 to take advantage of the Xerion 4000’s longer wheelbase. Instead of steel, the new tank is made of polyester, which reduces the weight by 1800kg and so allows for a higher load capacity.

The new 16m3 system is filled using a front-mounted 10 inch docking system and features a 10inch stonetrap box, hydraulic macerator and a 9000 litres/minute Vogelsang pump. To further increase capacity, reduce filling time and allow for higher outputs when using wider 24-36m booms, a 12inch docking pipe and 12,000 litres/minute pump system is available.

SGT has also designed a new mounting system for the pump unit, for use with Xerion’s specified without a front linkage. This has the benefit that it is 900kg lighter, so places less weight on the front axle. Visibility is also improved and allows for higher flow rates as the docking system only has four bends for the liquid to flow around, instead of eight previously.

As previously, the new 16m3 mounted tank system can either be used as a stand-alone unit, or in combination with an additional 16m3 trailed tanker, giving a total capacity of 32m3. When used with a tanker, this will always empty first so as to reduce the trailed load on the Xerion.

Dribble bar spreading options available with the SGT tank system include the 18m wide Vogelsang Kompact or Bomech bars ranging in width from 9.0m up to 21m.

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